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How to Determine if You Need Water Line Repair

How to Determine if You Need Water Line Repair

A Leaking Water Main | Water Line Repair Fort Worth

When you have a water line leak it requires immediate repair to avoid potential damage to property and elevated water bills. The signs that may indicate a leaking water main are:

  • An elevated water bill
  • Drops in water pressure throughout your home
  • Depending upon where the leak is located, potential damage to your home.
  • You may also note green areas on the lawn in the location of the water main, or even water pooling over the water main on the lawn, or running into the street.

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A leaking water main can waste a great deal of water over time, even if it is a small leak. Water line repair in Fort Worth will be required for a leaking water main.

The first step in water line repair in Fort Worth is the location of the leak. The water meter can assist you in not only confirming a leak, but in locating the general area of a leak. The water meter is commonly found on the homes front lawn.

Next, you will need to ensure all water using appliances and fixtures are shut off. This will include everything that can potentially use water, including ice-makers, sprinklers, or any other potential source. Select a time when there is no one in the home who could turn on a faucet or any other water source. Once you have ensured all water is cut off record the dial of your water meter. Wait 30 minutes to an hour and reread the meter. If the dial has moved you probably have a leak.

The next step is to determine if the leak is in the home, or in the water main between your home and the meter. Shut off your home’s shut off valve if present. If the leak is inside the home the meter will stop moving. If the meter continues to move, the leak is likely in the water main between your house and the meter, your sprinkler system, or potentially in other lines you may have outside of the home.

If shut off valves are present on each line you can track the leak down by shutting off the radiating lines, one at a time eliminating those that don’t stop the meter’s dial movement. It should be noted, that it is possible that the shut off valves are not fully closing.

Once you have narrowed down the source of the leak it is time to consider how the repair will be provided. Unless you are a homeowner skilled in DIY leak repairs, this is the point where you will call a plumber for water line repair in Fort Worth.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s licensed plumbers in Fort Worth will provide leak detection to pinpoint the exact point of the leak. The plumber may provide video camera services in the leaking pipe to determine the cause. He will then be able to recommend the specific type of water line repair in Fort Worth that will be needed. This may be a liner to repair a damaged section of pipe or possibly a sectional point of repair. Both of these methods do not require trenching or soil disturbance.

If your water main does require trenching only a very small area over the damaged section will require digging in order to provide water line repair in Fort Worth. Video inspection can identify the cause as well as the best solution for the repair of a leaking water main.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides leak detection and repair of leaking water mains, as well as providing full service plumbing. Give us a call for water line repair in Fort Worth or the Arlington region. We are a member of the BBB, and stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee.