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How to Save Water by Making These Simple Changes to Your Home | Tips from Your Boyd, TX Plumber

How to Save Water by Making These Simple Changes to Your Home | Tips from Your Boyd, TX Plumber

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For Boyd, TX, residents the amount of money they spend on water can get expensive with water shortages and aging infrastructure. Saving money on water isn’t easy, but investing in new plumbing for their home be worth a lot to themselves and their community. While people can do their part to conserve water, installing new plumbing fixtures, and redoing pipes can help people to use water smarter rather than just use less. Residents can also contact their local plumber and set up home inspections to prepare for a number of issues that can cost home owners thousands of dollars in water loss and water related damages.


Low Flow Water Fixtures

For Boyd, TX residents, you may find the appliances in your home may be using more water than they should. This may be due to being inefficient models, or because their age is causing them to leak. While these can be tempting to simply fix, having a plumber replace them with higher efficiency products can help reduce water usage in your home without being disruptive to your daily routine.

Faucets have been seen as a small, but constant user and waster of water, but plumbers insist that a number of appliances can be installed that increase the efficiency of your home’s sinks. A low flow faucet aerator for example can help reduce the amount of water you use in the home while still keeping the same amount of water pressure. By introducing air into the water with tiny holes in the head of the faucet, you can use less water in the same amount of time than someone with a normal faucet head. You can even install a reverse osmosis system under your sink that make your drinking water more enjoyable to drink, reducing the amount of money you spend on bottled water.

Toilets can also be replaced with higher efficient models that help conserve water. Low flow toilets can help to reduce the amount of water you use with every flush, plumbers recommend that home owners follow the EPA code that toilets flush a maximum of 1.6 gallons. There are also toilets with two separate tanks for different kinds of waste. Dual flush toilet converters allow for even less water usage by allowing less water to be used when flushing down liquid waste, and more when flushing down solid waste.

Boyd, TX residents may find a long hot shower in the morning to be the perfect way to wake up and face the day. Shower heads today, however, may actually be the culprits for one of the biggest water losers in your home. Having a plumber replace them with low flow shower heads. Shower heads with pressure settings, for example can still give the feeling of a hard, penetrating shower while using up to 30% less water.

Redoing Your Plumbing

While investing in the plumbing of your home can get expensive, home owners will find the greatest benefit to their total water consumption will be the actual piping of their home. Investing in plumbers to replace these systems can not only reduce usage, but prevent more expensive repair jobs in the future when you suddenly have a problem with an older system.

Boyd, TX residents who wait for showers or sinks to fill with hot, steamy water may find that they’re inadvertently causing major water waste by not using the cold water that comes out of the sink while waiting for the hot water. For home owners, the best fix is installing a system that reintroduces hot water to your plumbing constantly so you get hot water faster, and don’t have to wait and waste water with a system that simply brings hot water directly from your water heater.

A plumber can tell you that, back in the day most homes were installed with higher water pressure lines, that took 70 psi to introduce water to your home. While today, the normal amount of water for homes could be around 35 psi, some older homes still have these higher-pressure lines, causing higher water usage, and potentially straining their plumbing more than they have to. Installing a lower pressure valve can reduce the water coming to your home, and save your pipes the hassle of overuse.


Regular home inspections can prevent simple repair jobs from turning into longer, more expensive ones. If a plumber is inspecting your home, and you notice something has been wrong, however, the following may be the causes of higher water usage.

Clogging toilets and drains may seem like simple fixes on the surface, clogs in your home’s external drainage pipes or sewer lines may cause water to pool, and constantly trickle out of the pipe from constant pressure. Having a plumber come to inspect your home can prevent common clogging issues by physically removing the clog or chemically destroying it with strong acids. Scale build up is a similar problem to clogging, in the fact that when it’s to late to do anything, a pipe can leak, causing thousands in water loss and damages before the leak itself is discovered. Finally, when the soil shifts around your property, or in the event a pipe gets corroded from age or chemicals, a leak beneath the concrete slab in your home can reduce the pressure coming to your main water line, and cause water to constantly flow out. This can cause thousands of dollars in damages to the home, as well as straining your water bill by constant overuse.


The Boyd, TX, community is built on people working together to live in relative comfort and prosperity. Doing your part to conserve the water you would waste, and hiring Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth to save your plumbing from sudden, high cost work is important to the continued happiness and health of your community.