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How to Tell Whether You Have a Plumbing Emergency in Your Home | Plumber in Arlington, TX

How to Tell Whether You Have a Plumbing Emergency in Your Home | Plumber in Arlington, TX

Plumbing is one of those household things that we shouldn’t put off until it’s too late. Most homeowners tend to know their way around with a plunger. They’ve probably used some drain cleaner too. This is typically the extent to which they are trained to do their plumbing on their own.

This is exactly why, it is very important for homeowner to know what the warning signs for plumbing problems are like in the case of pipe clogs of bursts. If home owners know all the precursors to this problem, then they will know when to call their plumber in Arlington, TX.

If, however, homeowners choose to ignore or are oblivious to these signs, then these major plumbing problems could cost them thousands of dollars. Not only will this be the case, but these homeowners will also have a huge pile of mess on their hands.

That said, let’s move on forward to show you some of the most telltale signs to have your plumber in Arlington, TX on speed dial.

1.   The Smell of Gas

When you’re in the kitchen cleaning after dinner, running the dryer, or even outside your home, you shouldn’t ever smell gas. If, however, you do smell something then it is vital that you do not ignore it. The scent that is added in gas is done for the very reason that people can sense this potential threat.

The next time you smell gas inside or outside your home, don’t ever procrastinate in calling your plumber in Arlington, TX. While your plumber is on the way, you should go ahead and open the windows of your home to let the gas dissipate. Other than this, make sure that you do not turn on the lights or use any electric appliances till the smell has dissipated considerably. This is so because the spark from these appliances can immediately ignite the gas leading to an explosion.

2.   An Odor of Sewage or Sulfur

If you suddenly get a whaft of something which smells something like rotten eggs, then you probably have a broken sewer pipe or vent under your home. If these are left unchecked, they have the potential to cause massive environmental issues or even wreak havoc for the foundation of your home. So as soon as you notice these smells go ahead and contact your plumber in Arlington, TX.

3.   Frozen Pipes

This one definitely needs you send out an SOS to the cavalries. If its wintertime and your pipes completely frozen it is a telltale sign that you will soon have no water supply. Other than this, you should also be aware of the smell of sewage emanating from your faucets or the sounds of some odd clanking noises. Both of these are signs of frost inside your pipes.

Here we should also warn you about thawing these pipes on your own. This is because going at it on your own could lead to the pipes forming cracks or in some worse cases completely blowing up. Some DIY techniques may work from time to time, but in this situation you definitely should call a plumber in Arlington, TX.

That said, there are also way to prevent your pipes from freezing over. It may sound weird but you can allow your faucets to drip some water throughout the day – especially during the night. Other than this, you can even leave the sink cabinet doors open in order for the warm air in your home to reach them naturally.

4.   Slow Draining

If you start to notice that your bathroom or kitchen sinks are taking much longer to drain than usual, it is precursory sign that a plumber in Arlington, TX needs to be called in. This is so because slow draining water is a sign that clogs have formed in your drainage system and need to be removed.

The very same principle applies in the case of your toilet, sink or bathroom tub. We will advise you to avoid using over the counter drain cleaner products too. This is because these products consist of very harsh chemicals that can corrode your pipes to cause further damages.

5.   Low Water Pressure

Have you noticed the water pressure in all the faucets of your home to lessen in water pressures all of a sudden? If so, this is quite definitely a sign of a gunk buildup at the aerator of the faucet. In such cases, the problem will only be remedied by screwing the faucet off, cleaning off the entire gunk and then screwing the faucet on.

There are, however, instances when this doesn’t fix the problem. If this is the case, then the problem may be much more serious. These problems may include a water leakage in the system, eroded water lines or even a fractured pipe. Even if your try, these problems cannot be fixed on your own; which is why calling a plumber in Arlington, TX will be necessary here.

6.   Hearing Water In Your Pipes

Wait what? Pipes are supposed to have water running them right? Well what if you hear water running when no one in the house is using any of it. Don’t worry, you don’t have a poltergeist in your home – instead you may have a leak in your water lines. The most telltale signs of these are when there are brown spots in your floors, walls and ceilings.

You can even go ahead to check your water meter for the amount of water being used in your home. If this is above what you expect, then you definitely have a leak in your piping. To be completely sure, call in a plumber in Arlington, TX for an inspection.

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