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How to Tell You Need Water Heater Repairs in Pantego, TX?

How to Tell You Need Water Heater Repairs in Pantego, TX?

Winter is around the corner and that gives us a legit reason to take hot showers anytime of the day. Hot showers are literally one of the best things ever. Although your cozy bed makes it hard for you to leave, you would do it to stand under the shower and let hot water make you feel even better.

After a long and hard day dealing with work and the cold weather, coming home at night and taking a hot shower can be equally comforting as well. But to have a regular supply of hot water in your house through-out the winter season, it is very important for you to check up with your water heater and see if it needs any repairing done.

Often it happens when people don’t use their heater in the summer it can have some mechanical issues when you finally do turn it on during the winters. And that means that in the mean time when your heater is getting fixed you will have to engage yourself in cold water.

And that’s a big NO in winters.

We are not Elsa from Frozen and the cold does bother us so we rounded up some signs that your heater might be giving you that it needs fixing. Water heater repair in Pantego, TX can be done all year round but if you want hot showers in the winter from day one, then you should observe these signs below and get your water heater repair in Pantego, TX immediately.

1. Cold Water

We don’t mean to sound like captain obvious but if you have cold water running from your tap instead of hot water, then that is the most obvious sign that you need water heater repair in Pantego, TX because there is something obviously wrong with your water heater. Usually there two types of water heaters at homes, one that runs on gas and the other is electric. For both of them you can go and check if the gas needs to be increased or the electricity for the electric one is running low. But if none of that solves that issue, you can always call in for a water heater repair in Pantego, TX to fix it for you.

2. Irregular Temperature

One thing that can absolutely ruin a good hot shower is the fluctuation of temperature in the middle. In the middle of that relaxing hot shower, if you suddenly start feeling that the water has just gotten cold this means your water heater sucks at doing its only job which is to give you hot water. Don’t wait for this to happen the second time and just call for water heater repair in Pantego, TX. Once they fix up your water heater for you, you can actually expect to take a hot shower all the way till the end.

3. There is a Leakage

Another reason why your water heater might not be giving you enough hot water is because there’s a leakage that needs to be addressed. Although this might not be an easy task because people have their water heaters in the basement or up at the attic. Leakage of hot water from the pipes also means that you don’t get enough hot water for yourself. But if you do find out then let experts handle that. Water heater repair in Pantego, TX done by these experts will stop your precious hot water from leaking in the future.

4. Rusty Water

We use water for drinking and cleaning. And for both of the uses we expect our water to be clean, pure and transparent in color. But if your water has rusty color or a darkish tint to it that isn’t clean water my friend and it’s a sign you need to get water heater repair in Pantego, TX. Especially if that rusty water comes through your water heater then that’s a clear sign that something is not okay with it.  The reason the water heater gives you rusty water is either because the inside walls of the heater is covered in rust or it’s the pipes through which the hot water travels in your faucet that have gotten rusty. Whatever the reason, you can call for water heater repair in Pantego, TX to fix it up for you.

5. Bad Water Pressure

One of the reasons why you might not be getting your desired amount of hot water is because of the clogged pipes that bring you hot water. These pipes can be clogged up with deposits and minerals and give you a low pressure of hot water. This can be very unacceptable when you’re running late for work and your hot shower is just drops of hot water on your head. But don’t worry, this too can be fixed. You just have to get water heater repair in Pantego, TX and they will look into whatever that is causing the low pressure of the hot water.

6. Weird Smelling Water

One last sign that you will need water heater repair in Pantego, TX is if your water smells and tastes weirdly different. This might be happening because of the minerals built up in the pipes of the water heater from all the time it has been running. Sometimes the water also tastes a bit rusty and that is the result of all the rust accumulated in inside the water heater. If you live in an old house with old piping installed then you are more likely to experience this because these pipes have been water running through them since a long time ago and with time the walls of these pipes get clogged with deposits. So when hot water comes through these very pipes into your faucets, it brings in the taste and color of these deposits along with it. It does sound disgusting but there’s a way for you to fix that by getting water heater repair in Pantego, TX and enjoying the regular taste and color of hot water at your home.

Winters can get lazy but don’t ignore these signs that your water heater is giving you. You should seriously consider having water heater repair in Pantego, TX from professionals if you really want to enjoy consistent hot showers all winter. Contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth for thorough water heater repairs in Pantego, TX.