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Hydro Jetting – A Power Washer for Your In-House Plumbing System | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

Hydro Jetting – A Power Washer for Your In-House Plumbing System | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

You must be familiar with the term hydro jetting. Chances are that at some point in time, a plumber might have recommended it to you as the best way to clear the drain line at your business or home.

If yes, then you are inthe right spot. In this article, we will look at the process of hydro jetting in detail. We will get familiar with the fundamentals of hydro jetting. We will discuss different approaches used in this drain cleaning procedure. We will talk about its benefits and what professional plumbers in Lake Worth, TX have to say about hydro jetting.

Sound like a plan? Let’s get started!

Understanding Hydro Jetting

The concept behind hydro jetting is quite basic yet powerful. First, you start with a good water source. Next, you search a way to increase the water pressure or flow more than what would generally flow down the water pipe, and feed it into the water line using a long hose and to flush it clean.

At the other end of the hose is a nozzle which generally directs that high pressure spray properly in front of hose to blast away the debris as the plumbers in Lake Worth, TX suggest.

There are many holes in that nozzle that easily points backward, at a particular angle, to simply clean the pipe sides and to assist in propelling the hose down the line.

High Flow vs. High Pressure

While each of these methods is best to increase the water pressure more than normal limits, technically known as high pressure, high flow jetter mostly sacrifices a little bit pressure to get more flow. On the other hand, high-pressure jetter works in the opposite way. This sacrifices the flow to get high pressure – as the plumbers in Lake Worth, TX state.

As a general rule, high-pressure jetter is normally smaller and may get the water source using a hose bib or any other smaller source. They are best suited for drain lines which are smaller. To mention the ideal scenario, the best location for a high-pressure jetter is the kitchen sink line which is filled with grease buildup or even sludge.

Floor sinks, floor drains, andsmall grease trap lines may be the best candidates for high-pressure jetter but at times, they can be bit challenging.

High-pressure jetter usually sends out a sprayof more than 2000psi and usually gets up to 3500psi. This is perfect for the cleaning of small drain pipes.

As per the plumbers in Lake Worth, TX, as the pipes get bigger, there is a need to increase the flow to make for the pressure drop. As a general rule, the water flow depends upon the size of the pipe. Bigger pipes require higher water flow. While a high-pressure jetter works fine with around 8 gallons per minute, the high flow jetter may need much more i.e. 35GPM. These jetters need their own water tank to maintain the water flow.

To mention the ideal candidates for high flow jetter; storm drains, sewer lines and other larger drain lines are the best candidates here.

The Great Benefits of Using Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting makes use of high-pressure water to remove the years of build up accumulated inside the pipes. You can call hydro jetting as the power washer for a plumbing system. Generally, hydro jetting works on the similar concept as that of traditional rootering or snaking but with a key difference.

While rootering or snaking clears out the blockage and creates a temporary opening inside the pipe, hydro jetting makes use of a stream of ultra-high water pressure to clear these pipes. This means hydro jetting does not work like a physical drain snake. The technique is highly useful in particular situations like landscaped yards and certain areas that are difficult to reach.

During the plumbing lifespan, at some point, most systems run into troubles with the buildup or accumulation of materials and debris. That is why traditional cleaning or maintenance is highly significant to increase the life of your plumbing pipes.

As per the plumbers in Lake Worth, TX, while some people enthusiastically start the regular maintenance and cleaning of their pipes, with the passage of time the practice gets pushed to the back burner. That is exactly when hydro jetting comes to play and helps in removing the years of accumulated debris to once again make your plumbing efficient.

Some of the major problems addressed by the plumbers in Lake Worth, TX by using hydro jetting include;

  • Soft blockages
  • Drain pipes blockages
  • Build up of debris along the walls of pipes
  • Removal of intruding tree roots from inside the pipes
  • Conditions in which replacement of full pipe is not possible or feasible
  • Sagging or belly drain lines that have lost the pitch

All of these are some of the major plumbing pipe issues that are easily resolved by the powerful method of hydro jetting. However, hydro jetting is normally used to clear the clogged pipes and it is not used to keep the pipes clean at all times. Hydro jetting is a solution for a plumbing issue that has already been aggravated but to avoid plumbing issues in the first place; you need to ensure the regular inspection and maintenance of your plumbing system.

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