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Hydro-Jetting | Plumbing Fort Worth

Hydro-Jetting | Plumbing Fort Worth

Hydro Jetting Sewer Lines

Drain and sewer pipe clogs are a common and one of the most dreaded problems homeowner’s may experience with a home’s plumbing in Fort Worth. For serious clogs, advanced plumbing technology and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers a solution with hydro jetting.

In the past, a clogged sewer pipe required traditional methods such as a mechanical rooter, or even excavation of the sewer pipe with the resulting marring of the lawn. The hydro jet provides effective results, and even with a damaged sewer pipe requiring replacement, modern plumbing technology again comes to the rescue with trenchless pipe repair for the majority of homeowner’s. A Ben Franklin plumber can provide the services you require for your plumbing in Fort Worth.

Hydro jetting utilizes highly pressurized water to cut right through stubborn blockages with forward and reverse jets for a 360 degree cleaning action. The power of pressurized water not only reduces blockages; it also cleans the internal surface down to the pipe walls. The hydro jet accomplishes what other drain cleaning tools can’t for your plumbing in Fort Worth.

When You Call

A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing professional plumber locates and identifies the nature of the clog with a video pipe inspection. The inspection uses a tiny video camera that projects the live image onto a screen as it moves through the sewer pipe. When the problem is located, the plumber in Fort Worth can identify it, and is provided with the exact location and depth. With this information, the plumber can determine the best means of removing the clog, or repairing the pipe if required.

The Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting doesn’t just remove the clog; it cleans the pipe all the way down to the pipe walls. Grease, oil, fat, soap scum, hair, even rust scale is removed with hydro jetting. Traditional methods of drain cleaning can’t handle serious clogs, especially grease blockages. Not even grease blockages and tree roots stand a chance against the highly effective hydro jetting process. In addition, if your clogged drain is repetitive, hydro jetting can end it.

Other methods of drain cleaning often remove only a part of the clog, and before you know it – the drain is clogged again. Our hydro jetting service will delay the need for drain cleaning longer than any other drain cleaning method. Contact Ben Franklin for professional hydro jetting of your plumbing in Fort Worth.


The following tips can prevent most clogs:

  • Preventing clogged drains and sewer lines begins in the home by using caution of what you pour into drains, or flush down toilets. Drain screens in showers, tubs and sinks help to prevent clogs.
  • To prevent grease clogs, do not pour grease, fat, or oil down the kitchen drain. Allow them to cool, and place in a sealed container and into the trash, or take to a grease recycling center.
  • The improper use of a garbage disposal is a common cause of drain clogs. Always turn the cold water on first, then the disposal, and drop a small amount of small pieces into the disposal. Allow the cold water to run a minimum of 20 seconds after you have dropped the last piece of food into the disposal. Then shut off the disposal and finally the water. Be aware of what is and is not acceptable for placing in a disposal. These tips can help to prevent clogs in your plumbing in Fort Worth.
  • To prevent most toilet clogs, only flush toilet paper and human waste.

Sewer Pipe Clog vs. Drain Clog

A slow or blocked drain in one location typically indicates a clog in the drain pipe. However, when all drains are slow or blocked, the problem is most likely going to be in a sewer line. A Benjamin Franklin plumber has the expertise to take care of the problems affecting your plumbing in Fort Worth.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Clogs

Sewer pipe problems are often due to the following:

  • Tree root invasion of the sewer pipe
  • Grease build up in the sewer pipe
  • Cracked, broken, collapsed, separated or a swag in the sewer pipe

Contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumber in Fort Worth

Sewer pipe problems require a licensed plumber due to the health risks related to raw sewer effluent. Benjamin Franklin plumbers have the latest equipment, the expertise, and the knowledge to provide drain cleaning, sewer pipe cleaning, video pipe inspections, pipe repair and replacement, and other plumbing repair and services. Our expert plumbers will provide a reliable diagnosis, and repair for issues in your plumbing in Fort Worth. We provide professional quality plumbing services in Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.