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How to Identify a Leakage in Gas Line

How to Identify a Leakage in Gas Line

Gas leakage is a serious issue that causes several damages every year. Natural gas is a clean fossil fuel that is devoid of any smell or color. Therefore, it is difficult to detect any leakage of natural gas in its original form. However, gas companies add mercaptan to the gas before distribution. Mercaptan gives it an odor that is quite similar to that of rotten eggs or sulphur. It ensures that people can easily identify a gas leak in an indoor or outdoor setting.

Gas Leakage Causes:

A majority of gas leakage accidents occur due to improper installation of equipment. Make sure that you hire a professional service for gas line repair in Haslet to avoid any mishap. A professional company follows the preventive measures to keep your gas line safe from potential damages. Check the credentials and legal permit of the service provider to ensure that the hired worker has required expertise and experience. Avoiding this practice may result in severe damages to your gas pipes.

It is also recommended to acquire the services for regular gas line repair in Haslet. Regular maintenance of the system helps in keeping the system intact and avoiding injuries. The maintenance service is capable of detecting issues in the system and can resolve the issues before they can inflict damages. Government authorities maintain a Gas Safe website to provide information on licensed professionals. You can visit their site to verify that your chosen plumber has accreditation.

Gas leakage can also happen if your appliances or gas line has become old. Get the second-hand appliances checked to ensure that they are damaged. A professional maintenance service can help you in this regard. Also acquire their services when you move to a new property to check the gas connection.

Signs of a Gas Leakage:

Look out for any indications of gas leakage both indoor and outdoor. Following signs of a potential gas leakage should not be neglected:

  • Odor:

You can notice the smell of sulphur or rotten eggs near the area of a gas leakage. Natural gas is free of all types of odors, but a smell is added for safety purpose. It helps people to identify a gas leakage problem and take necessary actions to resolve it in time.

  • Sound:

You can hear a whistling sound which indicates that gas is leaking from the pipes. You may not be able to hear the sound if the leak is minor. Make sure that you clear the path of air to make sure that gas leaves the room with air. Evacuate the area to avoid any physical harm. You can also notice air coming out of the underground pipes that cause dirt to blow.

  • Plants Condition:

Keep an eye on plants present near gas line. Plants get damaged due to constant leakage of gas and eventually die. Plants may die due to a variety of reasons, but check your gas line as a preventive measure. A dry spot in your overall moist garden also shows that there is a gas leak in the area.

  • Flames:

Flame or fire may appear above the ground if there is a leakage in underground gas pipes. Moreover, the flame is crisp blue rather than orange or yellow in color. Do not avoid this anomaly and contact a professional service for gas line repair in Haslet.

  • Condensation:

If your house windows and glass doors are overly condensed, it may indicate that it is time to get your gas lines checked. Moreover, a layer of black or brown soot also appears around the appliances present in your house.

  • Broken Pipes:

A broken gas pipe is a clear sign of a gas leakage. However, it is relatively difficult to notice as the pipes are present below the ground or hidden behind walls. You need to hire a professional company or individual worker for regular maintenance of gas line of residential and commercial buildings.

Health Effects:

A gas leakage affects the health of people present near the area where gas line is damaged. It affects health conditions in following ways:

  • Dizziness:

You may feel light-headed or dizziness due to a gas leakage problem. It leads to severe headaches and makes you unable to concentrate. Carbon monoxide affects the senses and overcomes oxygen. Therefore, open windows and leave the room at your earliest. Call emergency services to efficiently deal with any mishap.

  • Respiration Problem:

Natural gas leakage affects the ratio of oxygen in air. The low amount of oxygen causes breathing problems, especially in people having a weak immune system. You may feel fatigued, tired and nauseous.

  • Eye or Throat pain:

You may feel irritation in your nose, throat and ear. If you do not already suffer from any diseases, it may indicate that there is a pungent gas that is causing the issues.

Gas Leakage Control:

In order to keep people safe and avoid damages to your possessions from gas leakage problem, it is recommended to take precautionary measures. Acquire the services of a professional for gas line repair in Haslet. The maintenance service analyzes the gas line to detect any possible issues. They resolve the issues before they can cause damages and help you stay safe. The hired engineer must be experienced and have a clear idea of what they are doing.

In case a gas leakage incident occurs, make sure that you do not go near any appliances. Do not flip electrical switches and avoid plugging or unplugging anything. Do not use your landline telephone. Instead, call the emergency services from outside of the area where the gas leakage has happened.

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