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Important Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask about Water Line Repair in Arlington, TX

Important Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask about Water Line Repair in Arlington, TX

Homeowners in Arlington, Texas have taken every step to protect their homes from fires and floods, and even have warranties for appliances. However, if there is one thing they should be more vigilant about, it is protecting themselves against expensive sewer line and water line disruptions. Every homeowner must be prepared for in-home plumbing emergencies, which means acquiring the services of a plumbing service that offers them with emergency water line repair in Arlington, TX.

There have been a lot of water and sewerage line problems this year, as homeowners in Arlington have had to deal with plumbing issues. It is not a surprise to learn that the most common plumbing complaints are about pipe breaks, leaks, and pipe clogs. The United States Chamber of Commerce and The National Association of Water Companies released reports that indicated that there are 650 water main breaks every day in the United States, which results in 7 billion gallons of water lost per day! A residential water line pipe break can have serious consequences on the wallets and properties of homeowners living in that area.

Despite the serious consequences and impact of water line breaks, most homeowners don’t have a clue about the common causes of water lines inside and outside their houses. The responsibility for pipes running through their property is solely on the homeowner and not on the water utility, or local municipality. This means that if you don’t have an insurance policy that covers the repair costs, you will be paying a lot of money from your own pocket.

That is why homeowners should always be prepared for water line repair in Arlington, TX. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth are experienced and professional plumbers who have offered water line repair in Arlington, TX for several years.

To ensure that homeowners don’t have to worry about protecting themselves from the headaches, high costs, and hassles of sewer line, water line, and in-home plumbing problems, here are major questions they should ask themselves:

1.  Do you know what your pipes are made of?

Numerous studies have concluded that most of the water mains in the United States are over 60 years old, and these older pipes are made from tile, steel or clay. All these materials deteriorate over the years, and most of these pipes have corrosive soil conditions, which when combined with ductile iron and old iron pipes results in corrosion, which leads to water pipe failure. So, if your home was built before the 1980s or in the 1970s, there is a good chance that your water main pipes are made from clay and could be corroded. Therefore, it is imperative that you enquire about water line repair in Arlington, TX from a professional plumbing service.



2.  How old are your pipes?

Another important question you should ask yourself is regarding the age of your pipes. Most of the water pipes installed in the United States, was after World War II, which means that they require serious repairs. The United States Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Water Companies revealed in a report that more than half the water pipes in America were in bad shape.

The Environmental Protection Agency, revealed that the average age of a broken water pipe in the country was 47 years. So, if you don’t know the age of your water pipes, it is imperative that you get in touch with a professional plumbing service that offers water line repair in Arlington, TX.

3.  Do you live where the seasons suddenly change?

Extreme temperature swings are the major cause of all water line breaks, and if you live in an area that is prone to extreme cold and hot weather your pipes could be in poor shape. The American Society of Civil Engineers, and The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission advise that a temperature change of 10 degrees or more puts increased stress on service lines and water mains. This increases their changes of incurring damage, because the pipes will become brittle, when water temperatures drop under 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and the air temperature is below freezing.

If you are living in an area where the seasons change suddenly, then you may need frequent water line repair in Arlington, TX.

4.  Have you been ignoring the warning signs?

Homeowners generally don’t pay attention to the warning signs that indicate a problem with the main water line pipes on their property. The signs are also subtle, but if you have a stammering faucet, it could mean a water line leakage, and slow drainage or a clogged toilet indicates a blocked sewerage line. If you are good at reading the warning signs, you can prevent a sudden water line break, and save money on costly repairs. That is why you should never ignore the signs, and call a professional plumber for water line repair in Arlington, TX at the first warning sign.

5.  Do you have trees near your water service lines?

One of the main reasons why you water lines get damaged is due to invasive tree roots from mature trees. The roots will go in search for water underground, which will lead them straight to the water pipes, and if they get in the pipes, they can clog and block the pipe. This can result in serious problems with the main water line, and even cause it to be replaced entirely. Therefore, you should always get in touch with water line repair in Arlington, TX if you have a lot of mature trees near water service lines.

6.  Do you have clay soil?

The soil conditions on your property can also impact the water lines, as poor soil will cause the pipes to corrode. That will result in contamination and leaks, and the NACE International states that clay soils are the most corrosive for water pipes. So, if you have clay soil on your property, your water pipes may already be corroded and in need for major water line repair in Arlington, TX.

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