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Indications that You Require a Plumber in Arlington TX for Faucet Repairs

Indications that You Require a Plumber in Arlington TX for Faucet Repairs

For homeowners it is often hard to decide and judge whether the problems that they are experiencing with their bathroom or kitchen faucets is a job of a plumber in Arlington, TX or not. Many homeowners overlook the need for professional assistance and instead either choose to take the problem in their own hands or live with the small faucet problems long before they turn into major issues. Is this the right attitude? Well, most certainly not!

Here’s why it’s important to call an experienced plumber in Arlington, TX immediately to fix damaged and leaky faucets:

Wastage of Water

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), even the smallest faucet leaks can waste over 3000 gallons of water, annually. And this is the same amount of water that is required to take over 180 showers. So, why waste so much water?

Wear and Tear

Not many homeowners know that a leaky or a dripping faucet can contribute to the wear & tear of the faucet washers, and sink. And because of which they end up incurring big replacement cost. The big replacement cost can be prevented if faucet leaks are addressed timely by hiring a professional plumber in Arlington, TX.

Increase Your Water Bill

Like it or not, but leaky faucets can cost you big and make you lose good money which otherwise you can save and use somewhere else.

Indications that the Faucets in Your Home Need Urgent Repairs

Dripping Faucets

If the faucets in your kitchen or bathroom continue to drip even after you have closed them tightly, this is a clear indication that there is a problem with your faucets and it’s time to call a plumber in Arlington, TX to repair and fix the faucets. Some of the most common causes of dripping or leaky faucets are valve malfunctioning or that the water pressure in your pipes is too high. Besides this, other causes of leaky faucets include:

  • Corrosion that usually occurs at the valve seat which connects the spout and faucet.
  • Loosening of the O-ring. The O-ring is small circular disc attached to the stem screw. The disc loosens with time which causes it to drip. Replacing this disc can fix the leak.
  • Broken plumbing can interfere with the water pressure coming out of the faucets. This is an underlying issue which can only be detected and identified by a professional plumber in Arlington, TX.
  • Improperly installed or a worn out waster can also be the underlying cause for dripping and leaky bathroom or kitchen faucets. Washers tend to wear down as they are forced up and against the valve-seat each time you use the faucet. This movement causes friction which causes damage. Also, if wrong washer size or poor installation can trigger issues with the faucet. A new washer of the right size or proper installation may be required to fix leaky faucets.

Spitting Faucet

It’s best to schedule a faucet repair service with a professional plumber in Arlington, TX if your faucets fail to produce a nicely flowing stream of water instead spit or spurt water. This indicates underlying problems which on a professional plumber in Arlington, TX can diagnose. In most causes the problem is associated with a clogged or blocked aerator. The aerator is part that covers the faucet’s tip.

Noisy Sounds from the Faucet

Faucets in the bathroom or kitchen often produce noisy sounds. Should these sounds be ignored? Definitely not as noisy sounds from your faucets are indicative of a variety of problems and spell the urgency for a repairing job by a professional plumber in Arlington, TX.

For example, the screeching sound from the faucet means that the rubber washer has worn out and needs to be changed. This happens due to poor faucet maintenance. Rubber washers wear and tear over time and get hardened. And this you start hearing screeching sounds.

Likewise, clicking or clanking sound from the faucets also calls for a repair job. The plumber in Arlington, TX will inspect the faucet; take it apart to determine the underlying problem.

Squeaky Handles

Squeaky handles are indicative of damaged faucets. It signals that the stem of or the threads on the faucet are worn down. It’s advisable to hire a plumber in Arlington, TX immediately and get it fixed as delays can cause further wear and tear, and cause the handles to stick, making them difficult to move.

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for Faucet Repairs

If any of these signs seem familiar to you, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing company in Arlington, TX immediately. The company will send over their experienced plumber to inspect your faucets and repair them as needed.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a BBB accredited company with A+ rating. The company has earned a stellar market reputation based on its attributes such as strong commitment towards customers, providing best plumbing services with integrity, and emergency assistance. They specialize in a wide range of services including faucet repairs, drain cleaning, pipe breaks, gas leaks, bathroom plumbing, installation of tankless and conventional water heaters, and garbage disposal repairs. The company offers round the clock and emergency plumbing services to both commercial and residential owners. Their promptness and professionalism is most touted about.

So, if you experience any kind of problem with your kitchen or bathroom faucets, don’t wait for a small repair problem to become a major source of inconvenience. Simply contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing service for inspection and repair. Remember that, failure to address these problems can result is water waste and increase your water bill. Save your money and conserve water by getting problems related to bathroom and kitchen faucets fixed immediately.