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Is It Time To Call A Plumber To Fix My Well Pump? | Grand Prairie, TX

Is It Time To Call A Plumber To Fix My Well Pump? | Grand Prairie, TX

Owning a well gives you many advantages over using the municipal water supply. One main advantage is the access to unlimited water supply in your home. However, for your home to have an endless water supply, you will need a plumber to maintain and repair the pump. Many issues can affect your well pump, including a low-yielding well, a bad pressure switch, and a pressure tank. When your pump fails, it can affect your home’s plumbing and activities.

A well pump is an equipment that helps pull water from the well into the plumbing system that connects to your home. It is designed to turn on and off automatically depending on the air pressure inside the storage tank. There are different types of well pumps, but they all do the same job, only that the pumping mechanisms differ.

The average lifespan of a quality well pump is between 8 and 15 years. However, your well pump’s longevity will depend on how you use it, the type of pump you choose, and how regularly a plumber maintains it. If the pump is not maintained regularly, it won’t reach the expected lifespan. Furthermore, the quality and size of the motor can also affect its durability. A good pump with a larger, heavy-duty motor should last longer if maintained well. The common factors that affect the longevity of a well pump include the hours it runs daily, the amount of sediment in the water, and water table height. Still, power issues can affect the lifespan of your well pump.

Even if your pump is heavy-duty and built to last up to 15 years, you must repair it regularly to ensure things run smoothly. When your well pump is malfunctioning, the signs will be seen in the water in your home. If you notice problems with your water supply, contact a plumber in Grand Prairie, TX for an inspection. Here are the signs that your well pump is going bad.

Running 24/7

When you notice your pump running continuously, it struggles to move the water properly through the system. There may be a leak in the system or some problem with the pressure tank. Because many issues can make your pump run continuously, a professional plumber will be needed to do an inspection and offer a solution. So, the pump must be regularly inspected even if it is doing a decent job.

Poor Water Pressure

If you turn on your faucets or shower and the water coming out has no pressure, your pump could be having a problem. The main culprit when facing this issue is a pressure tank. Still, it could mean a low water level in the well or an incorrect pump size. Remember that not all pumps are of the same size. The pump has to be the correct size for your home. Factors that determine the size of your pump include water usage, the toilets, and the number of faucets. If your pump is too small for your home’s water needs, the heavy demand will cause low water pressure issues. Before you purchase a pump, call a plumber to inspect your home and recommend the best size.

Strange Noises from the Tank

When your well pump emits strange noises, like rapid clicking, it means there is a problem inside the pressure tank. Pressure tanks house a bladder full of air, and when the bladder breaks or leaks, the pump starts and stops frequently. When this happens, the pump’s motor becomes strained, causing it to make abnormal sounds. This will not only affect the efficiency of your pump but its lifespan will also be reduced. Call a plumber for assistance if you hear strange noises from the pump.

Dirty Water

If the water from your faucets has dirt particles or sediment, your pump may have an issue. Also, the water level could be low, forcing the pump to suck in dirt particles. Dirty water in your home could signal that your pump is too strong, pulling in everything from the well. The other issue could be that the pump’s filter is damaged, allowing dirt and debris to pass. Still, your pump may be installed in the wrong location. If the water in your home appears dirty, avoid taking it. Instead, call a plumber to diagnose the issue.

No Water Is Being Pumped

The role of a well pump is to pump water. So, if it fails to pump water, that indicates something serious is wrong with it. If nothing happens when you turn on the faucets or shower, it is a sign that your pump is not working. It might not be pulling water from the well or a major leak somewhere. Either way, this emergency will require contacting an emergency plumber in Grand Prairie, TX.

Higher Electricity Bills

When there is a problem with the well pump, it decreases its efficiency. This forces the pump system to work two times harder to pump water, using much electricity. If you see a sudden increase in your electric bill, you should have your plumber inspect your well pump. This will help you know what issue your pump is facing and what can be done to regain its efficiency.

If you have noticed an issue with your well pump, don’t ignore it, as it will worsen over time. Still, you can bring health risks to your home by allowing dirty water into your pipes. Still, you could risk a costly replacement by neglecting the issues you see. If there are any problems with your well pump, hire Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth in Grand Prairie, TX to inspect your pump. We are a certified plumbing company with years of experience dealing with well pumps. Contact us today for well pump maintenance.

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