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Keep Your Water Clean by Opting for These Water Filtration Systems

Keep Your Water Clean by Opting for These Water Filtration Systems

Every person wants easy access to clean water; after all, it is a necessity.

A filtration system can help you get to that goal.

Nowadays the vast variety of water filtration systems has flooded the market, making it difficult for the buyers to decide which one is for them.

Every filtration system has its own advantages but which system suits your need? If you are considering to get a water filtration system in Fort Worth, TX, then the information given below might help you with your installation.

Things to consider before installation

As we have discussed above, all water filter systems are not exactly similar and here are two major ways they differ from each other.

  • Some filters use different technologies for purifying while others rely on just one
  • Each filter removes a different kind of contamination

10 different water filtration methods


The water filtration systems in Fort Worth, TX use one or more purifying methods that are discussed below:

1.   Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis works by passing the water through a semi-permeable membrane to filter out the contaminants. The limitation of this method is that it can only stop particles that are larger than water molecules; smaller particles like chlorine can’t be removed by this process.

It is popularly used for domestic purposes because of its low maintenance and the quality of water it provides. The reverse osmosis system purifies through 4-5 stages making it a certified filtration system approved by EPA.

2.   Carbon block filters

Carbon block filters are used to purify water domestically. They are block shaped filters that contain crushed carbon particles. These filters are known to give better quality than other carbon-based purifiers because of their large surface area.

The rate at which water flows through these filters has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the system. Among all the carbon block filters, fiberdyne system has the greatest sediment-holding capacity.

It is also called a charcoal water filter system due to the use of activated carbon in it.

3.   Distillation

Distillation is one of the most ancient and natural ways to purify water. It works by heating the water until it is vaporized then the water is condensed back into its liquid form

Distillation removes microorganisms, minerals and impurities with a high boiling point, however, chlorine can’t be filtered with this method. This filtration system qualifies the standard set by EPA for drinking water and is popularly used in households.

4.   Ultraviolet Disinfection

UV disinfection method is the best way to kill waterborne bacteria. The UV system purifies water by attacking the DNA of the bacteria, ultimately killing them.

It is a natural process that doesn’t compromise the taste of water but it is not a cost-friendly option. The complex installation of the system makes it very costly which is why you will hardly see it in households.

5.   Activated carbon

Activated carbon removes impurities by chemically bonding the water molecules that are being poured into the system. Some filters are good at removing chlorine for improving the taste, while others are used to remove impurities like lead and mercury.

It should be noted that it is not capable of removing inorganic contaminants like nitrate and fluoride.

6.   Deionization

Deionization filter systems trigger a chemical reaction which promotes ion exchange in the water to remove salts and other electrically charged particles.

Living organisms like viruses and bacteria are unaffected by this method.

7.   Ozone

Ozone filters are used side by side along with other filtering techniques in water filtration systems in Fort Worth, TX. It is popular because of its capability to kill a large number of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

The limitation of this process is that it can’t remove chemical impurities from the water but if the contamination of germs worries you then it is a convenient option.

8.   Mechanical process

The mechanical process is incapable of filtering out chemical impurities but is widely used in water filtration systems in Fort Worth, TX because of their ability to kill viruses.

The system is equipped with microscopic holes that remove the contaminants; the system is used alongside with other technologies for achieving better results.

If your water supply contains a lot of dirt then you should get a water filtration system in Fort Worth, TX that is equipped with this technology.

9.   Granulated carbon

As the name suggests, small granules of carbon are used by this system to purify the water. Due to their shape and low surface area, they are less effective than their block shaped counterparts.

Just like in the carbon block system, the effectiveness of this process is directly proportional to the speed of the water.

10.                 Ion exchange

Ion exchange technology uses a resin to replace the harmful ions with ones that are harmless.

It is an efficient technique to reduce the hardness of the water, as this process has the ability to replace magnesium and calcium ions.

As per the companies that provide installation of the water filtration systems in Fort Worth, TX, in order to function properly the resin in the filter should be regularly recharged with harmless replacement ions.


Different types of water filters


According to your needs and requirement, the contractors providing water filtration systems in Fort Worth, TX have different types of filter systems

  • Pitchers: these are inexpensive and use carbon filter technology
  • Under-sink: installed under the sink, this system is a bit expensive
  • Tap-mounted: the filter system is directly mounted on your faucet and is quite popular for household use
  • On-counter: a system that is easily installed and has a button which allows you to switch between filtered and unfiltered modes

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