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The Key To Gas Line Repair in Arlington, TX

The Key To Gas Line Repair in Arlington, TX

Natural gas is the most commonly used fuel especially in residential areas in the USA. Around 65 million people are reported to use it for several purposes including stoves, water heaters and other household appliances. However, what most people fail to realize is how dangerous a faulty gas line can really be and what exactly is the kind of trouble it can put people in everyday. Starting from minor health risks and in severe cases, resulting with death, a gas leak is something that requires immediate attention. If there is a gas leakage in your house, under no condition can it be considered a good idea to find a fix for it yourself. The best decision is to call a professional for your gas line repair in Arlington, TX before matters get out of hand.

How does a gas leak affect you?

Gas leaks occur more often than you think. The severity of the gas leak depends on the amount of damage in the pipeline which in turn decides what adverse effects it can have on you.

  • Asphyxiation or Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning: This usually occurs when you have exposure to a gas for a very long time. The CO takes up the place of oxygen in our blood and this leads to suffocation. This usually happens when a leak is left unnoticed in a poorly ventilated room. It’s all the more reason to contact a plumber for the gas line repair in Arlington, TX.
  • Light heatedness or Nausea: This is also one of the ways to detect a leak in your gas line. Usually the dizziness goes away when you’re exposed to fresh air, that’s the cue to knowing that the problem is within your house. At this point you should immediately call a plumber for the gas line repair in Arlington, TX.
  • Fire or Explosion: Natural gas is highly combustible. When there is an abundant amount of gas leakage, precaution should be taken followed by an immediate evacuation. Explosions caused by gas leakages are one of the leading causes of death which usually occurs when an electrical switch is turned on or a match stick is lighted. Therefore, under such circumstance, it is imperative that you go for your gas line repair in Arlington, TX.

Why does it occur?

There are many reasons for gas leaks but it most commonly occurs while installing household appliances. These are sometimes not properly put together and the pipe carrying the gas becomes loose causing the gas to leak into the surroundings. Due to similar circumstances, a recent incident occurred at North Cedar Way where a man used a portable propane heater without noticing the pipeline was loose. The result was an explosion that cost him some minor burns and his two-storey house severe damage. The victims seemed to be very lucky in this case, in most others however, they end up with terrible fates.

Another reason is the wear and tear of your pipelines with time. There are different materials used in making these pipes and each has its own lifespan. Often these pipes are used much beyond their life and start to thin away or decay causing terrible corrosion and leaving behind gaping holes which allows the gas to escape.

How can you detect gas leakages?

Most of the gas leaks are left undetected which leads to unfortunate circumstances. This is because natural gas is odorless which, even though has artificial smell added to it in small amounts, it really doesn’t show much of a sign of leakage. There are many tell-tale ways you can detect a gas leak before calling a professional.

  1. Your stove will often burn with an orange or yellow flame, that’s good. But keep an eye out for any color change especially if the flame turns crisp blue.
  2. Make sure you keep a loud Carbon Monoxide detector that would inform you about even the slightest change in CO levels.
  3. Cleaning would be a little more work especially if your windows will have a layer of condensation on them.
  4. You would be able to smell rotten eggs around the house.
  5. As mentioned above, you would also feel lightheadedness or nausea inside the house and nowhere else.

If you happen to come across any of these signs, immediately call a professional for gas line repair in Arlington, TX.


As discussed, gas leaks are hazardous to not only your health but can cause trouble even for those around you. Extreme caution should be taken when dealing with a breach in your gas lines. To do this, there are certain things you can keep notes of before calling a plumber for your gas line repair in Arlington, TX.

Begin with having a good idea about the way your gas lines are placed. In case of an emergency, this allows you to make your way through and closing the main valve instead of causing mishaps and being clueless of your next step. Apart from that, make sure your house is well ventilated and the windows can easily be opened to ensure that the toxic gas easily gets out of your house. Also be on high alert if you notice any whizzing sounds or a rotting egg odor. These are indicators of a gas leakage and are your cue to call a plumber for your gas line repair in Arlington, TX.

Finding plumbers to handle your gas line repair in Arlington, TX on an emergency basis is a huge task indeed, that’s why you need to take the necessary measures to ensure the reliability of the person to contact. Keep in mind to look up their credentials on the internet along with the company they work for and for a better idea, read the reviews of the company. It’s also wise to have a written estimate of the amount of gas line repair in Arlington, TX they charge beforehand so there are no surprises for you later on.

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