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Kitchen Remodel | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Kitchen Remodel | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Whether you plan to sell your home, or simply want an attractive and functional kitchen, a kitchen remodel increases the value of the home and increases the odds of a fast sale. The following discusses a few of today’s popular kitchen features and the role a plumber plays in them. When you are ready to begin your remodel, contact Benjamin Franklin licensed plumbers in Arlington, Texas for plumbing repair and installation you can rely on.


Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Arlington, Texas offer professional water line installation for your kitchen, including those serving an icemaker and dishwasher. Our plumbers in Arlington, Texas can relocate water lines, and if your new appliances require gas lines installed, repaired, or moved, we can provide that as well.

Kitchen Upgrades

An upgrade in kitchen design is often to improve function, and may include the relocation of a sink, and/or appliances. Only a licensed plumber should be hired to install, repair, or relocate water lines and gas hookups to avoid running into major safety risks, and poor quality plumbing. Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Arlington, Texas can handle any problems that may arise for plumbing, and provide quality plumbing services for water, drain and gas line repair, installation and relocation. You can rely on the quality of materials and the work performed when a Benjamin Franklin plumber provides your plumbing and gas line services. Furthermore, our work is always 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The Kitchen Island

The homeowner’s goal is typically to obtain a functional and beautiful kitchen. A kitchen island adds beauty, function, and increased value to your home. An island with a sink or a gas cooktop requires a licensed plumber for the installation of a sink, drainpipe, faucets, and gas hookup. Our plumbers in Arlington, Texas can provide the expert and reliable plumbing services you require.


If your home needs repiping, the optimal time is during a complete remodel. Even when the remodel is only the kitchen, consider repiping if only in the kitchen. This is especially true when cabinets are being removed, or water and drain lines are being relocated anyway.

Other Upgrades

Additional upgrades to consider during a kitchen remodel include installing a water filtration system, gas service for a professional range, a dishwasher if the kitchen lacks it, a garbage disposal, and a tankless water heater. A tankless water heater can save your household money. Ensure you select a licensed plumber with experience to ensure reliable plumbing in Arlington, Texas and proper performance.

Water Heater

Relocating a Water Heater

Homeowner’s often request relocating a water heater out of the kitchen. If this is your situation, remember any work involving gas lines requires the hiring of licensed plumbers in Arlington, Texas.

Planning Ahead Can Save Money

While a kitchen remodel is exciting, it also creates inconvenience. For the duration of the project, you will be unable to cook, wash dishes, and even may be able to access the refrigerator. Plan ahead to make the remodeling process an easier one. If you have an alternate location for your refrigerator, a microwave, and a coffee pot, you can save money without the need to eat out for every meal.

Furthermore, consider your pets and children’s safety. Closing pets up in a room all day while work crews are in the home is stressful for pets. With the added noise and the lack of your presence, make advance arrangements for a friend, or relative to pet sit.

For their own safety, instruct children that the kitchen is off limits until the project is complete. Use child security gates if you have young children, and keep a close eye on them. The ideal solution is to have friends or relatives to babysit when workers are present.

Finally, it is best to involve your plumber before construction begins. Skilled plumbers in Arlington, Texas may identify problems with plumbing and can plan for them. Potentially saving time and money on the project by avoiding tear outs after new installations of cabinets, flooring and others have been provided. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.