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Kitchen Remodel | Plumbers Arlington

Kitchen Remodel | Plumbers Arlington

Kitchen Remodel | Plumbers Arlington

A kitchen remodel provides a valuable investment in your home, especially if you have plans to sell in the near future. It not only increases the value of the home, it also increases the potential for a fast sale. Various trades will be involved in the remodel, including a plumber. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington possess the expertise to provide professional plumbing that you can rely upon.

Our plumbers in Arlington offer water, drain and gas hookups, in addition our plumbers can move plumbing and gas service, and provide repair, and installation of sinks, faucets, and kitchen disposals for your kitchen remodel

The homeowner’s goal in a typical kitchen remodel is to obtain a functional and beautiful kitchen. The following are a few of the plumbing tasks involved in a kitchen remodel that will require licensed plumbers in Arlington

Relocation of Drains, Water, and Gas Lines

Improving a kitchen’s function may involve the movement of appliances, sinks, drains, gas, and water lines. There are several reasons for the movement of plumbing. Relocation of appliances for improved function is a common reason. In addition, building code may require the installation of ventilation for plumbing when not present. The presence of outdated pipes may require repiping, galvanized pipe and polybutylene are two examples of outdated pipe materials that will require replacement. 

Furthermore, replace gas lines and their fittings that are over ten years old to ensure your safety. Aging brass fittings can crack as they age, placing your family, and home at risk. 

Updating a Kitchen

You can improve the kitchen’s function, and your home’s energy efficiency with the installation of a tankless water heater, a kitchen garbage disposal or a water filtration system. These installations require the use of licensed plumbers in Arlington. Select a plumber with experience, with formal training and licensure to ensure reliable plumbing and proper performance.

Relocation of Appliances

It is common to move appliances during a kitchen remodel to improve its function, and overall appearance. This may require the installation of electrical outlets, or moving gas lines, water supply lines, and drains.   

Relocating a Water Heater

A kitchen remodel may involve moving a water heater. Moving or installing a water heater requires the services of licensed plumbers in Arlington, and is essential for your safety if it involves gas lines. 

Only professionals with gas safety training, certification, and installation experience should work on gas lines. A plumber has the latest equipment to test for gas leaks. Your family’s safety depends upon a trained professional with the equipment, knowledge, and experience to provide proper installation of gas lines.  

Relocating Sinks and Adding Water Filtration

Installing a water filtration system is often part of a kitchen remodel. A growing number of homeowner’s are concerned about clean, safe water for their family’s use. An under sink filtration system, or a whole house water filtration system adds value to your home and promotes better health by reducing risks from public water supply. 

While municipal water systems chemically treat water for microorganisms,  it does not remove sediment, solids, chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals like arsenic or lead, or other contaminates. Only water filtration can provide clean, pure water that is free of contaminants.

Kitchen remodels may involve moving the location of the sink, and/or the installation of an additional sink. This will require licensed plumbers in Arlington for relocation of water, and drain pipes. 

Building Code

Strict adherence to building code is essential in a kitchen remodel. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington are up-to-date on the latest code. Involve your plumbers in Arlington before you begin the kitchen remodel, to avoid time delays, costly mistakes and code violations.

When you are ready to begin your kitchen remodel and require reliable plumbers in Arlington, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Our plumbers offer expertise and reliability for your kitchen remodel.