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Kitchen Remodeling with Plumber Arlington

Kitchen Remodeling with Plumber Arlington

Kitchen Remodeling | Plumber Arlington

The installation of plumbing can be part of a kitchen remodeling project. Installing a new sink, plumbing for appliances such as dishwashers of a refrigerator with an icemaker, the installation of gas, or even repiping to replace aged plumbing past its prime are jobs for a professional plumber in Arlington. Kitchen plumbing is not a DIY job; you run the risk of leaks, and improperly installed appliances that can result in damage to both the appliances and the remodeled kitchen.

Plumber Arlington Kitchen Remodeling

Trust the kitchen plumbing only to an experienced and properly trained professional plumber. The last thing you need after the expense of remodeling is the cost of repair.

Plan Your Kitchen Remodel

After deciding upon a plumber in Arlington, or Fort Worth, the next decision will be to decide between the installation of brand new appliances or re-using the current ones. Unless the existing appliances are fairly new, you should consider the benefits of appliances with energy efficiency and features that will make kitchen duty easier. If the budget is tight, limit the luxury items to essential needs. For example, if you would love to have granite counter tops, with marble on the work island for making pastry and the money for both isn’t in the budget, select the marble on your island and forego the granite.

Include your plumber in the planning from the beginning. It may be more difficult to remove the chimney than anticipated, adding increased cost, lost time and/or the need to relocate the work island with prep sink elsewhere. Having an experienced plumber in Arlington in the design from the beginning can prevent unnecessary problems and added cost.

The remodeling of the kitchen is one of the top two home improvements that will add significant value, as well as enjoyment to your home for years to come. Ensure that you have a qualified and experienced plumber in Arlington involved with the kitchen remodel from the beginning for a less stressful remodel.

The replacement of aging and corroded pipes is a necessity; allocate the cost in the budget. It will be easier to replace piping during a remodel when everything is stripped to the floor already, than a year later when the remodel is complete. Appliances and a new faucet can be easily replaced later.

Allocate extra money for unexpected expenses. A termite damaged wall or rotted wood due to a slow hidden leak are examples of unexpected problems that can drive the cost of remodel projects up. If you don’t have to use the money for the unexpected, the extra money will come in handy.

Shop around for the best deal. The selected appliances may be found elsewhere for a lower price. An additional tip that can save significantly on your budget is to refinish, or paint your existing cabinetry. If they are in good condition you can also keep the cabinets but replace the doors and hardware for a new look. Cabinets take a big bite out of the budget, and if you are willing and able to reuse them, it will allow you to use the money on something else.

Don’t forget to plan around not having a functional kitchen. If you have the space in another room for the refrigerator, a coffee pot, and a microwave, you can save money by not having the added expense of eating out at every meal.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides experienced and professional plumbers for the Fort Worth and Arlington, TX regions. If you have a remodel planned for your kitchen or bathroom, give us a call for the professional services of a plumber in Arlington, or Fort Worth.