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Kitchen Sink Replacement | Plumber Fort Worth

Kitchen Sink Replacement | Plumber Fort Worth

Kitchen Sinks | Plumber in Fort Worth

Kitchen sinks receive a lot of use, and will eventually wear out. On average a sink will last 15 years or more before wear begins to show up in a dull finish, chips and scratches, stains and leaks around the rim and drain. If you’re already planning to remodel the kitchen, this provides a convenient time to have your plumber in Fort Worth to replace your sink and faucet.

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Kitchen sinks are available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes, from stainless steel to porcelain, cast iron, copper, soap stone and other modern materials. In this blog we will cover selecting the perfect sink for your kitchen, whether you are remodeling or simply need a sink. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the professional sink and/or faucet installation that you need.

Sink Size

Size of the sink is the first consideration, and sizes range from single bowls to multiple bowls in various sizes, shapes, and depths. You may have decided on a super-sized farmhouse sink in soapstone. Before you order it, take a look around your kitchen. If your kitchen is small, a giant sink can overpower it, working against your design ideas.

While there are standards in place, homeowners should consider their needs. For example, the National Kitchen & Bath Association recommends a standard 22 x 24 in. single-bowl model for kitchens less than 150 sq. ft. Few homeowners will choose to go back to a single bowl after years of using a double bowl sink. If you wash dishes in one sink and rinse in the other, a single sink is likely to be an inconvenience for you. If you are unable to locate the size sink that you require, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for assistance.

Once you have decided upon the size and bowl configuration, you’ll need to select the type of mounting you want. Mount is the term for how the sink is installed. For example, a top mount sink sits on top of the counter, while an undermount sink sits underneath the countertop. The majority of undermount sinks won’t have holes in the sink deck for the faucet and accessories. The faucet will sit on the countertop behind the hole cut for the undermount sink. Undermount sinks are more difficult to install, it is advisable to allow a professional plumber in Fort Worth to provide sink installation, especially if you are installing costly stone countertops.

You’ll also need to determine the number of required holes in the sink deck, unless you purchase an undermount sink. This number will range from one to five, depending on the faucet and the number of accessories such as spray hoses and soap dispensers. It is wise to choose the faucet and accessories before purchasing a sink. If in doubt of the number of holes that you will require, talk to your Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth who will be installing the sink and faucet. Your plumber will be glad to assist you.

Color is an additional feature to consider, just keep in mind that you’ll pay more for anything other than white.

Finally, plan to buy a drain strainer as it costs extra. Match the strainer to the sink; for example, those designed for stainless sinks aren’t long enough for cast-iron sinks.

Select a well-made sink as you will be living with it for an extended time, and you want it to maintain its attractive finish. Your Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can assist you with any part of sink selection that you need assistance with.

Faucets Make Life Easier Sink replacement typically includes faucet replacement. Select a well-known manufacturer to receive a quality product. Style, finish and features will be the next selection, and today’s faucet offers a number of options.

Single-handled models with pull-out spouts are handy and highly popular. Select a spout with stainless-steel hoses as they will give less trouble with kinking. Faucets are available built-in water filters. The options are numerous, with convenient innovations to fill every cooks need.

Finish is an important consideration. Chrome remains popular and is easy to clean, extremely durable and is versatile enough for almost any style. Polished brass is a warm feature, and can add a touch of elegance to a kitchen. Modern polished brass by major manufacturers can be as easy to clean as chrome. Satin-nickel finishes are increasingly popular, especially among those selecting a modern or contemporary style for their kitchen.

When you have questions regarding faucets and features, contact your plumber in Fort Worth for assistance. We even offer faucets for plumber provided installations, and may have just the faucet that you need.


Washerless operation combines ball, cartridge and ceramic-disk valves. Ceramic-disk valves are likely to last the longest, particularly if your water is hard or has lots of sediment. But all three should provide years of trouble free service.

If your sink has three bowls, opt for a 12- to 14-in.-long spout capable of a 180 degree swivel to ensure the ability to access each bowl.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides a wide range of plumbing services, including the installation of kitchen sinks. We offer perfect punctuality, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee or we fix it for free. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for first quality plumbing services. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.