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Do you know what to ask when you hire a plumber?

Do you know what to ask when you hire a plumber?

You never know when you might need the help of a good plumber in Arlington, TX. Unfortunately, there are some “scam artists” giving professionals a bad name. When you have a plumbing concern that you cannot deal with, yourself, you call in professionals for a solution. If you hire someone who lacks the skills or is unlicensed, you might be in more hot water, literally or figuratively, than you already were.

Not only that, but you would have to pay for your repairs if they do a shoddy job and don’t give warranties of work. You need to be mindful of who you hire and allow entry into your house. Without a license to work or any proof of employment, they may just be someone looking to rob you or make a quick buck. So keep your eyes peeled and ask the right questions before hiring the right plumber in Arlington, TX.

So what do you need to ask them, exactly? We’ve compiled a list of questions to help you get started.

1. Have you had any experience with the job that I’m giving you?

This is a very important question. Before you hire a plumber in Arlington, TX make sure to ask them about the type of jobs they have done. You don’t want to get stuck with an inexperienced plumber who is as clueless as you are when it comes to the plumbing problem. What’s the point of hiring a professional, then?

Make sure that if you’re hiring someone for a specific job — to filter repairs, to unclog toilets, or to repair water heaters etc, they have worked on such jobs before. This ensures that they can pinpoint the problem with their experience. They will be able to complete the job much faster, too. An inexperienced plumber in Arlington, TX may charge less, but will increase future costs for you.

3. Are you licensed?

Without a valid license, you cannot trust a plumber for your plumbing in Arlington, TX. They could just as easily be thieves or criminals posing as plumbers. Usually, criminals scope out an area before planning to rob it. If you have called in a plumber, make sure to note their license number down when you’re on an appointment call. Usually, this license number is printed on their vehicles as well.

They may also be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which is a plus as it helps you determine if plumbers you called are legit. The Better Business Bureau members follow rigorous industry standards for service related jobs such as plumbing. If an unlicensed plumber in Arlington, TX turns up to do a plumbing job, then the damage done will not fall under insurance, you may also lose some insurance privileges on the house. Better safe than sorry.

3. Are you insured?

Liability insurance is important to keep yourself safe and secure from unnecessary expenses. Ask them to show their liability insurance papers and worker’s compensation. These documents ensure that if the plumber in Arlington, TX suffers any injury while on your premises during their job, you’re not liable for the damages or medical bills. These insurance documents not only benefit the worker, but they benefit the customer (you) too. If the plumber unnecessarily damages your house or plumbing in Arlington, TX in the process of repairs or replacement, you won’t be liable to pay for those damages from your pocket. Instead, the plumber (the company) will pay for those damages from their pockets. Without insurance, you’ll be stuck paying for any damage to your house or plumbing.  

4. Do you have your Own Tools or will you need some from me?

When you have to give the plumber in Arlington, TX your own tools, it’s a serious red flag. It means that they are being unprofessional. Someone offering services such as plumbing should have their own tools and specialized equipment for specific tasks. Although it may sound inappropriate or weird to you, make sure you ask them this question to secure yourself from later woes.

5. May I get some referrals?

If you’re like most people, you probably go to the plumbing company’s website and check reviews of their previous clients, or you probably ask around your friends and family, even coworkers for a good recommendation. Usually, there are many reviews on the websites, but its good practice to ask the plumbing company to put you in direct contact with their previous clients. Do this before hiring a plumber in Arlington, TX. It will help you get a better idea of what kind of company they are, and their level of service professionalism. Not all plumbers in Arlington will offer this service, though. Work with what you have.

6. Can you come to my house to inspect the problem first?

If the plumber is willing to come to your house to inspect the plumbing issue, it can be a good or a bad sign. It’s more of a good sign when they have given you enough proof of being licensed and insured, otherwise it might be like one of those untoward Craigslist ads. Make sure you ask the name of the representative who will come to your doorstep and how long they take to arrive. If they arrive on time and on short notice with their tools, consider yourself lucky, they’re professional plumbers.

7. Will you come back to fix any problems that occur with the job when you leave?

This relates to warranties and guarantees so that you don’t have to pay for their poor quality work if case you need it to be fixed. If they offer warranties of work, they will be willing to come back to your house and fix your plumbing for free. If they’re professional plumbers, they will be willing to make recommendations according to your house.

Bonus: Are you willing to give me a quote in writing? Be specific.

Written quotes are always better than verbal ones because you will be able to know exactly how much is being charged and why, and you can argue over any excess charge.

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