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Do You Know the Types of Plumbing Pipes Used in Your House? | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

Do You Know the Types of Plumbing Pipes Used in Your House? | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

When a homeowner attempts to fix a plumbing issue as a DIY project, it can be a confusing experience. Just like the plumbing system in a house is an intricate and complex system, similarly, there are different types of plumbing pipes that are meant to perform different functions.

They are designed for a specific area of your house or to be used with the specific appliance. That is why it is important to understand the difference between these different types of plumbing. There are several kinds of plumbing pipes available. They are similar and can easily blend together, leaving you confused about which one to choose.

As per the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX the plumbing pipes used in commercial or residential buildings are different.  The most common plumbing pipes are PVC, Copper, and PEX. In addition, there are some other plumbing pipes which are majorly used in commercial setups including brass, black, and galvanized pipes.

To assist you further let us have a look at different types of plumbing pipes.

Stainless Steel Pipes

This is one of the neatest looking pipe but they are also very expensive. As per the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, these pipes are commonly used in the areas that are prone to corrosion or located near coastal areas. The pipe comes in two forms both flexible and rigid. They need particular couplings in order to attach to different types of pipes.

According to plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, homeowners usually confuse the galvanized pipes with stainless steel pipes. The stainless steel pipe is available in different lengths and sizes and can be used both commercially and in a residential setup.

PEX Piping

This type of plumbing pipe is a flexible piping. PEX piping is most recommended to be used for residential and several other small business applications. Even though PEX piping is slightly expensive but the cost is easily recoverable in the long run.

As per the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, this type of plumbing pipe requires minimum maintenance in the long run. It has a faster installation process that makes it one of the best pipes to be used for water distribution purposes in a building. PEX piping offers a leak-free product and is preferred over the use of copper piping. However, the only problem of PEX piping is that it cannot be used outdoors. In the case of outdoor application, the UV rays significantly damage its outdoor plastic layer.

Copper Piping

As the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX state, copper piping is the most conventional plumbing pipe. It is best known for its reliability and extensive duration.  They offer superior resistance against corrosion and are best to be used for cold or hot water. The pipes are easily manageable when it comes to large-scale application.

However, the most common factor that plumbers in Fort Worth, TX consider before the application of copper piping is that it must be soldered together. This may also require some additional fittings. Since not every other plumber can solder the plumbing pipes professionally hence you must always take the assistance of reputed plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to perform the job.

PVC Piping

PVC pipes are majorly used for sewage applications or for hot and cold potable water. PVC pipes vary in their configuration and thickness, depending on their application and where they are used. For instance, pressure water pipes are different than sewer pipes. Similarly, they are not the ones to be used in storm drainage system.

When we speak of plastic plumbing pipes such as PVC pipes they are specifically prepared for potable water application and are designated with NSF-61 and NSF-PW. This indicates that the product complies with all the health effect requirements of ANSI/NSF Standard 6.

Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized pipes have been used for a long time. At some point in time, they were used as one of the standard plumbing pipes in residential projects. However, now these pipes are not used frequently as they have poor corrosion resistance. The rust builds up easily, especially in small diameter pipes. If you have had an old galvanized pipe in your home, then you must have seen water coming from it with rust traces. This happens when the scale inside the pipe breaks. The best application of galvanized pipes nowadays is the transportation of non-portable water or grey-water.

Cast Iron Pipes

As per the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, they are generally designed as bell-and-spigot type. It can also be found in threaded joints. However, they are higher in cost than bell and spigot ones. These pipes are a lot heavier than any other types of plumbing pipes. They are typically used in water distribution system, sewer or drainage systems or main pipe in underground installations.

The smallest size of this plumbing pipe is almost 4”. But when it comes to residential applications, it is manufactured in large sizes. Cast iron pipes are quite heavy and they must be supported by assembling a joint. That is why it is recommended to leave the job to professionals and always get the assistance of plumbers in Fort Worth, TX.

ABS Pipes

ABS pipes resemble PVC pipes but they come in black color. As per the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, ABS pipes are basically the older version of PVC pipes and are no more recommended by plumbing codes. Just like PVC pipes, ABS pipes are also used for vent and drain pipes. If you still have ABS pipes installed in your house then the best advice is to replace them with PVC pipes.

In the bottom line, there are many types of plumbing pipes available in the market. When you replace a plumbing pipe in your house, your best bet is to take the assistance of a professional. To get the top-quality assistance, head over to Benjamin Franklin. Their team of professionals is well-versed in handling the most complex plumbing issues. Also, you can take their professional assistance immediately by calling their 24/7 emergency helpline number.