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Leak Detection For Plumbing Fort Worth

Leak Detection For Plumbing Fort Worth

Leak Detection | Plumbing Fort Worth

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides leak detection services for your home and business needs. Our dedicated leak detection specialists use the latest advanced leak detection technology to find hidden leaks under asphalt, slabs, soil, in irrigation systems as well as other locations where leaks may be difficult to locate. For professional repair of your slab leaks or other issues with your plumbing in Fort Worth give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call.

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Water leaks can quickly cause costly damage to your home or businesses floors, walls, structure, and ceilings, as well as to the foundation. Mold can develop in wet conditions causing unsightly damage and can lead to illness.

When the only sign you can find of a leak is an elevated water bill, you have a hidden leak. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides leak detection for locating hidden leaks under slabs, driveways, in soil or other areas where leaks are hard to detect in your plumbing in Fort Worth. Not all hidden leaks are under slabs or in the ground. Concealed pipe leaks, leaks within walls, sewer line leaks, all can be illusive. It is no problem for our plumbers to find your hidden leak.

Slab leaks used to be a major repair that required your concrete slab floor to be torn up until the leak was located in your plumbing in Fort Worth. With modern leak detection technology that is no longer necessary. Depending upon the type of leak, the cause of the leak and other factors, many leaks can be repaired without disturbing your floor at all. If the slab must be dug up it will only be a small area directly over the leak. That is the beauty of modern leak detection, where plumbers can pinpoint the exact location of the leak, and provide the best slab leak repair.

If you suspect you may have a slab leak the following are signs you may notice:

  • Hot spots on the floor
  • Discoloration of wood, tile or linoleum flooring
  • Damp or wet spots in the carpet
  • You may hear water running
  • You may notice cracks in the floor and walls
  • The presence of mold or mildew
  • Elevated water and gas or electrical bill
  • The odor of sewage
  • Drains and toilets may be backing up with a busted sewer line

The water meter test can provide the confirmation you need for a water leak in your plumbing in Fort Worth. Ensure all water is off. This includes shutting off the ice maker, dishwasher or any other source that may cut on automatically during your test. Choose a day when no one else is home to avoid their using water. Record the numbers on your water meter. Recheck 30 minutes to one hour later. If the meter has moved when no water has been used, you have confirmation of a water leak.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing-Fort Worth provides prompt, professional services for your plumbing in Fort Worth. We provide state-of-the-art leak detection services for homes and businesses. For service you can count on time after time, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing-Fort Worth a call. We service the Fort Worth and Arlington regions. We are a member of the BBB and back our work with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.