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A Look into Different Water Filtration Systems in Arlington, TX

A Look into Different Water Filtration Systems in Arlington, TX

As pollution and global warming are increasingly becoming a problem, we need to come up with ways to fight them. Pollution is caused by automobiles, chemical industries, factories, cigarettes and what not. Pollution and other harmful agents that enter our body can seriously prove detrimental to our health. One common way these harmful elements enter our bodies is through the water we drink. If the water is dirty, impure or chemically processed, then there is a good chance of it damaging our overall health.

Therefore, it is critically important that we take every measure to ensure the consumption of clean and healthy water. One way to do this is through water filtration systems. These systems basically filter out the dirt, bacteria and others such agents from the water we drink or use to wash dishes, clothes and even for showering purposes.

Places all over the world use water filtration systems to keep the water clean. In the United States, a water filtration system in Arlington, TX, or other such places where water lines are exposed to open pollution and “hard water” can be found, is absolutely necessary.

A water filtration system in Arlington, TX can be really beneficial in ensuring good health for your whole family. Even workplaces use some kind of a water filtration system in Arlington, TX. A good water filtration system does not only eradicate impurities, but also makes sure that the essential natural minerals the water contains are not eliminated. There are different kinds of water filtration systems people prefer according to their needs. Let’s have a look at them.

Carbon Water Filtration

It is no secret that everyone wants their water to be healthy and clean of silt, contaminants, mud and organisms. A carbon water filtration system in Arlington, TX, provides just that and more. This kind of system works using a carbon filter. Carbon filters are really helpful in eliminating impurities as small as 0.05 micrometers in size. A carbon water filtration system in Arlington, TX with a slow flow rate will be able to remove more contaminants than that with a higher flow rate, because the water will be in contact with carbon for a longer time, if it flows slowly.  

While carbon is useful in removing impurities, it cannot soften water. Usually a carbon water filtration system uses a water softening system to help diminish the mineral content. Carbon water filtration systems are more affordable than many other filtration systems in the market.

Under The Sink Filtration

Some homeowners in Arlington, TX want clean water for drinking and cooking purposes only. The filtration system they prefer in thin case is under the sink filtration system. This system promises and delivers pure, clean and healthy water for drinking and cooking. An under the sink water filtration system in Arlington, TX, will probably last from 1 to 3 years before needing a replacement due to a slow water flow rate.

The best water filtration system in Arlington, TX, first runs the water through a sediment and silt filter. This allows the carbon filter to last even longer. This type of a water filtration system in Arlington, TX, can also be used by the homeowners where whole house systems are not possible to install due to limited space. However, a shower filter can be added to it.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

This is a popular water filtration system and operates on a simple principle. Water is allowed to pass through a semi-permeable membrane and a porous layer. This way, any substance that is greater in size than the water molecule is filtered out. To understand better, take it as the sink filter in your kitchen. The major drawback of this system, however, is that there are several contaminants that are smaller in size than the water molecule and therefore, they are allowed to pass through the filter.

A water filtration system in Arlington, TX that is based on reverse osmosis filtration has its benefits but is certainly not the best in ensuring clean and pure water for your kitchen and bathroom. Carbon water filtration has a clear edge here.

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Many people who are cautious of their heath and cleanliness prefer whole house water filtration systems, in which water coming out from every single outlet in the home is pure and clean. A whole house water filtration system in Arlington, TX, covers the entire house and makes sure that the water entering the pipes is purified. This type of a filtration system is expensive to buy and that makes sense because of the complex installation and purification of water that comes out from any tap in the house.

Factors to Consider

Regardless of the filtration system, they all come in variety and need some things to be taken into account while purchasing.

Quality of Water

Homeowners or business owners around Arlington, TX need to take into account the quality of water that comes from the water filtration system. Not all the systems eliminate impurities equally.

Level of Maintenance

All filtration systems require some level of maintenance. Each water filtration system in Arlington, TX, requires its cartridge to be changed regularly. Therefore, replacement and maintenance cost should be kept in mind while looking for a water filtration system that suits your needs.

Cost of Purchasing

Different water filtration systems cost differently while purchasing. It depends on the application of the filter and the technology it uses. For example, an under the sink water filtration system in Arlington, TX, will cost less than the whole house water filtration system.


Water filtrations systems are necessary and vital in eliminating the impurities and bacteria from the water that we use. An efficient water filtration system can keep you and your family safe and healthy, whether at home or at work. There are different types of water filtration systems and they work differently and eliminate the impurities in different amount. In order to select the best one for you, you will need to do some research or contact the providers.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides all types of water filtration systems. We also offer affordable installation and maintenance services that are top quality. You can contact us anytime and get a reliable water filtration system in Arlington, TX, of your own choice.