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Low Water Pressure | Plumber Arlington, TX

Low Water Pressure | Plumber Arlington, TX

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While water pressure can vary, low water pressure is a common complaint. A ‘normal’ water pressure is typically 50 to 80 pounds per square inch or psi. However, some areas have a lower water pressure that is normal for the system. If this is your situation, our plumbers can also help you to enjoy a higher water pressure. When your home’s water pressure falls below what you have becomes used to, there are a number of potential causes. You can work your way through all the possibilities, or you can call a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Arlington, TX for a reliable diagnosis and repair.

The Meter

It is best to start with the home’s water meter. Newer meters have a lever that moves up or down, enabling the water to be shut off, or turned on. Check it to ensure it is fully open for maximum water pressure. In addition, while examining the water meter, take note of the dial or meter. If it is moving and you are certain no water is on, you may have a water leak. A water leak in your home, on your property or within the city system can cause low water pressure. A turning meter when no water is in use will indicate a leak in your homes plumbing or the water supply carrying water to your home. Give us a call, a plumber in Arlington can resolve your plumbing issues.

Low Water Pressure in a Single Location

When low water pressure is affecting only a single location, check the shut off valve near the location, if present. Ensure the valve is fully open in order to achieve maximum water flow at the location. A clogged faucet aerator or clogged shower head can also cause low water pressure in the affected location. If the area involved is a faucet, remove the aerator by unscrewing it, and rinse visible dirt off of it. If it appears to be clogged with minerals, soak it in vinegar to dissolve the minerals or replace it. Use a soft bristled toothbrush to remove any remaining minerals.

When the affected area is a shower head, inspect it for clogging due to mineral scale. When it requires cleaning simply unscrew it. With the shower head off, turn the water on. If the flow is normal the problem is within the shower head. First test the finish with a small amount of vinegar in an inconspicuous area, to ensure damage will not occur. Once the finish is tested, soak the shower head in vinegar. Allow it to soak for several hours, and remove remaining residue with a soft toothbrush. If mineral deposits are heavy, additional soaking may be required. Use a straightened paper clip, or dental pick to clear any remaining deposit in the shower head spray holes. Rinse and dry, and screw it back on. When mineral deposits are so heavy descaling does not restore the water flow, replace the shower head.

Clogged Pipes

Mineral scale can clog the pipes themselves over time. It is not possible to see inside the pipes to determine where clogging has occurred. Instead, purchase a water pressure gauge from any hardware store, and attach it to an outside faucet by screwing it on as you do a hose pipe. A pressure of less than 50 psi is likely indicative of clogged pipes. Contact a plumber in Arlington, TX for diagnosis and repair of clogged pipes.

Contact the Water Supplier

When a low water pressure is identified, contact the water supplier and ask what the normal water pressure is. In addition, ask whether or not they are working on a water line, or if there is a known leak in the area. All of these can result in a low water pressure. If none of these apply, it is possible you have a water leak. A slow leak may not be indicated by a turning meter.

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