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Low Water Pressure | Plumber Arlington, TX

Low Water Pressure | Plumber Arlington, TX

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The water pressure entering your Fort Worth or Arlington, Texas home can vary, and complaints due to it being too low are common. The typical range is 50 pounds to 80 pounds per square inch or psi. Determining the problem behind low water pressure can involve a little detective work. Alternately,  you can contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Arlington, TX.

Start with the water meter. The water meter cut off valve is typically one of two types. Older meters require a cutoff tool, while newer meters have a lever that moves up or down by hand to cut the water on or off. When  low water pressure occurs, ensure the valve or lever is fully open.

Low Water Pressure in a Faucet or Shower Head

When low water pressure only affects a single location, check to ensure the shut off valve located at the fixture is fully open. If this is not the problem, remove the faucet aerator by unscrewing it from the tip of the faucet.

Once the aerator is removed, there will be a tiny screen or a plastic disc with inside the aerator. Rinse it off to remove visible debris. When the scale from hard water minerals appear to have clogged it, soak it in vinegar to remove the scale. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub the residue away. It is also an option to replace the aerator, which is low in cost.

When low water pressure is experienced in a shower head, check it for scale. If it requires cleaning, remove by unscrewing it and soak it in vinegar. First test the finish in an inconspicuous area. Vinegar is an acidic substance, and may damage some finish, so test before soaking. Allow it to soak it for a few hours, and scrub the residue away with a soft toothbrush. Use a dental pick or straightened paper clip to remove any remaining residue from the holes.  Rinse well and screw it back on. Repeat if necessary. While the shower head is off, turn the water on. If the pressure is normal the shower head is the problem. It may be necessary to replace the shower head if descaling does not correct the water flow.

Clogged Piping

The scale that develops can clog the water supply pipes. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell a pipe is clogged by looking at it. Purchase a water pressure gauge from any major hardware/home supply store. Attach it to an outside faucet turn the valve on. The gauge will display the water pressure entering your home. When the pressure is less than 50 psi, contact a plumber in Arlington, TX for diagnosis and repair

In addition, if testing indicates the incoming pressure is low,  contact the water supplier and ask if it is the normal water pressure. Another potential cause of low water pressure is a water leak. Water supply lines (both yours and the municipal authorities) can develop a leak, causing a low water pressure in your home. Check with your neighbors, if they are also experiencing low water pressure, the problem lies with the supplier. When the issue appears to be in your home’s plumbing system, contact a Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington, TX.

Furthermore, a water supply providing a high pressure can damage a home’s plumbing. When the pressure is high due to the water supply, a regulator, also called a pressure reducing valve, is installed. Over time these can  fail due to corrosion. The water flow can be restricted, or it can allow water with the full unregulated pressure to pass through. When this occurs, damage is possible for the plumbing and water using  appliances. Regulator installation and replacement require a licensed plumber in Arlington, TX. 

When pressure is unusually low, and the water supplier is not providing repair, suspect a water leak in the home’s plumbing. A Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington, TX can locate and resolve water leaks for you.

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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides exceptional plumbing services in Arlington and Fort Worth, Texas. Furthermore, our professional plumbers have the expertise you can rely on for effective plumbing repair, plumbing installation and maintenance, as well as gas line service, water quality solutions and moreOur licensed plumbers routinely attend continuing education classes, ensuring they stay on top of the plumbing field, new technologies and the latest information and techniques. Choosing Benjamin Franklin Plumbing ensures peace of mind knowing that you are receiving a highly qualified plumber in Arlingto, TX.   

When low water pressure is a problem and help is required in order to resolve the issue, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington, TX. We will schedule a service call at your earliest convenience and provide a resolution. Ben Franklin is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating, indicating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.