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Low Water Pressure Tips | Plumber Fort Worth

Low Water Pressure Tips | Plumber Fort Worth

Low Water Pressure | Plumber Fort Worth

The problem of low water pressure is a frustrating one. Unfortunately, for some water systems, low water pressure is normal. When this is the cause of your low water pressure, a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can assist you in providing higher water pressure. For all other homeowners, the cause and correction can be a variety of issues. In the following, we will discuss some of the causes and their correction.Plumber fort worth low water pressure

When only one fixture is involved you can direct your attention the single fixture as the problem will be within the fixture or its water supply line. On the other hand, if the issue affects the water pressure at all taps, any one of a number of plumbing issues are the potential cause. These will have to be ruled out one at a time to pinpoint the problem. If you require a plumber in Fort Worth to identify your low water pressure problem, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s licensed professionals.

Low Water Pressure in All Taps

  1. Check for a leak using the water meter test. A water leak is one cause of reduced water pressure. Turn off automatic water users such as the ice maker. Obtain a meter reading and write it down. Recheck the meter in one hour. If it hasn’t moved you do not have a leak. If the test indicates that you have a leak, schedule plumbing repair with a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth.
  2. A failed pressure regulator can result in a regulator wide open, with potentially damaging high water pressure entering your home, or it can fail partially closed or completed closed, blocking or reducing the flow of water. Replacing a pressure regulator involves cutting into the water main, and is a job best left to a plumber in Fort Worth.
  3. Aging pipes are a potential cause of low water pressure, especially if the pipe involved is galvanized pipe. Galvanized pipe develops sediment build-up and rust over the years, eventually resulting in a blocked pipe. Re-piping by a professional plumber is the only solution to corroded pipes.

Low Water Pressure at Single Tap

Low water pressure present in a single tap will involve a problem with the fixture or the water line supplying it. Use the following to narrow the problem down:

Shower Head

The shower head may be clogged with hard water deposits. This can be resolved by replacement or cleaning. Unscrew the shower head and turn on the faucet. If adequate pressure is present, the problem is within the shower head. Build-up will be visible. If cleaning it doesn’t restore normal water pressure replace the shower head. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the plumbing repair that you require.

Bathroom and Kitchen Faucet

Check the aerator by unscrewing and removing. Test the faucet with the aerator off, if it has good pressure clean with vinegar or replace the aerator.

If water pressure is low with the aerator off the problem could be in the faucet itself or the water supply. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the repair you require.


Replacing the fill valve will often correct a slow filling toilet. If this doesn’t correct the problem the toilet may require a new water supply line. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the plumbing repair that you require.

Water supply lines can become blocked due to the build-up of sediment from hard water, especially smaller lines such as those supplying a toilet. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth has the skill and expertise to provide the repair you need. Benjamin Franklin can diagnose the cause of your home’s low water pressure and provide the necessary repair to correct it. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.