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Low Water Pressure | Water Line Repair Arlington

Low Water Pressure | Water Line Repair Arlington

Low water pressure occurs when a reduced flow of water occurs. If you have tried to remove shampoo from your hair and received inadequate water to rinse it out, you have experienced low water pressure. For some households, low water pressure is normal due to the municipal supply, and a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can install a booster pump to assist these households. However, for those who normally have adequate water pressure, a low water pressure typically indicates a problem with the home’s plumbing in Arlington. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to schedule water line repair in Arlington for low water pressure.

Potential Causes

For those who normally have adequate water pressure, potential causes include a water leak, corroded water pipes, a failed pressure relief valve (PRV) or backflow preventer, a partially closed valve, or a faulty fixture. When the problem is restricted to a single location, the issue will be a problem with the fixture or its water supply pipe.

A Closed Valve

If you are experiencing low water pressure throughout the entire home, check the shut off valve on the main water supply, typically located where the water enters the home. It is also possible that someone has partially closed the valve on the water meter.

Pipe Corrosion

The age of the pipe and pipe corrosion can restrict the water flow to fixtures and appliances. Corrosion typically affects galvanized steel water pipes after 15 to 20 years or more. The inside of the pipe becomes blocked due to years of rusty corrosion and mineral buildup. When corrosion occurs, the pipe requires replacement.

Once corrosion occurs, leaks are possible at any time, and can result in severe damage to the home and its foundation. For corrosion and/or water leaks schedule water line repair in Arlington with repiping from a licensed plumber as soon as possible.



When the water supplied by the municipality possesses a high water pressure, a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) is recommended. Unfortunately, a when a PRV fails (typically due to corrosion), the result can be either low water pressure to the entire home, or the full water pressure experienced by the supplier. High water pressure can damage the plumbing system and water using appliances.

Test the water pressure test on an outdoor faucet to determine the incoming water pressure. Typically, readings above 80 psi are considered high. Only use a licensed plumber for the replacement of a PRV, as it involves cutting into the main water supply pipe, and water line repair in Arlington.

You can purchase an inexpensive water pressure gauge at a hardware store. The gauge simply screws on an outdoor faucet as a garden hose will. Once the gauge is on, open the faucet and the pressure will be displayed. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide this service for you when you contact us for water line repair in Arlington.

Water Leaks and Low Water Pressure

A water leak is a common cause of low water pressure. If you suspect a leak, contact a plumber in Arlington for water leak repair.

Other Causes

Your water supplier may be providing repair to the water system. In addition, during peak periods of water use, water pressure may be low. Check with your neighbors to see if they are also experiencing low water pressure. Contact our plumbers in Arlington to schedule water line repair, or other plumbing services.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers licensed plumbers with the expertise to provide a professional diagnosis and repair of your low water pressure problem. You can count on a Benjamin Franklin plumber for reliable water line repair in Arlington. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.