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Main Reasons Why A Water Line Repair Is Required | Arlington, TX

Main Reasons Why A Water Line Repair Is Required | Arlington, TX

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Water is an internal part of our plumbing system and when we do not have access to it then our lives become very inconvenient. We also have to pay for the water that we use and it would be silly to continue paying for water that we do not use. If you suspect that you have a leak in your water line then it is best to call a professional to conduct the required repairs. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington, TX has qualified plumbers that will carry out the water line repairs so that you do not have to continue to pay an arm and a leg each month for water. It is always best to hire a professional to conduct water line repairs as these pipes can be several feet underground and it is difficult to access them. There are a few things that can use your water line to leak and if you suspect that any of these things are contributing to your high water bill then contact your plumber as soon as you can.

Ground Shifts

The ground is stable for the most part but sometimes the ground can shift slightly over time. The ground will become uneven which will disrupt the level of the water line. The water line might bend as the ground moves or could even break off. This can cause minor or major leaks. It is best to hire a professional to carry out water line repairs because they will inspect the layout of the ground and determine where and why the ground is moving. They will also make predictions about how the ground will move in the future and will tailor the water line repairs to those predictions. Water line repairs can be quite expensive therefore you want the problem to be solved in the long term as well. In some cases, the plumber will advise that the whole water line should be replaced but other times they will recommend rerouting the water line so that it is out of the areas that are predicted to shift. If you live in an area where the ground shifts often then reinforcements might be needed to keep the water line in place.

High Water Pressure

People might think that high water pressure is a good thing but that is not the case. High water pressure can damage your water line. The pressure might be so strong that it causes your pipes to burst from the inside. It is important to make sure that your water gauge is calibrated properly so that the water pressure stays at the optimal level. The professionals who will conduct the water line repairs will advise you on which devices you can use and which ones will best suit your plumbing needs. If you realize that your water pressure is too high before it causes significant damage then you can install a device that makes it easy to decrease the water pressure within your home. If the water pressure in your home has been high for a long time then you might need to conduct water line repairs or replace parts of your pipe that have been damaged by the strong water pressure. This will prevent more expensive repairs in the future since you have taken care of the damages before they become more severe. The sooner you rectify the high water pressure, the less damage will occur over a period of time.

Mineral Buildup

There are many different microscopic minerals in water and these minerals can stick to pipes. After some time after a lot of water has flown through the pipes, the mineral build-up can block pipes. In some areas, the water will have more minerals which will cause the mineral build-up to occur more frequently. The mineral build-up will also happen more frequently if the water is heated often because some of the water evaporates. This will increase the concentration of minerals in the water. It might take quite a while for the mineral build-up to become so bad that it is a problem. Some of the common problems that occur when there is a large amount of mineral build up in the pipes are blocked pipes, weak water pressure, and increased rate of determination. It is best to hire a professional to inspect your water line if you think there is a mineral build-up. Sometimes the plumber will use high-pressure water or air to remove the mineral build-up however if the damage is excessive then they might suggest replacing the water line. Once the water line repairs have been conducted the plumber will advise you to use water softeners or a reverse osmosis water treatment system. This will decrease the frequency of water line repairs as there will not be as many minerals in the water.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are the anchors that keep trees upright therefore they are very strong and will look for more spaces to cling to in order to increase the stability of the tree. Tree roots also stretch out in search of water and will be attracted to your water line. These roots can cause a lot of damage to your pipes since the roots can pierce a variety of materials. If you have many mature trees or bushes then you might need to contact a plumber to inspect and carry out water line repairs, especially if your water bill is abnormally high. These roots can disrupt the flow of water in the pipe by growing inside the pipe and forming a clog or it can split the water line and cause a lot of water to be lost. You should always hire a plumber from a reliable company like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington, TX to conduct the water line repairs as they will be qualified to identify the location of the leak and how to resolve it. There are many different ways to repair a water line and it takes someone with years of experience to determine which one would be best for the situation at hand. The repairs can be as simple as patching up a leak or more complicated like removing a section of the waterline and installing a new section. You could also decide to remove the tree that is causing your plumbing to become dysfunctional. This might be a cheaper option depending on the size of the tree.

Fluctuating Temperatures

It is a common scientific fact that heat makes some materials expand while cooling them down makes them contract. This expansion and contraction that accompanies the fluctuation of temperature can negatively affect your water line. If you live in an area where the temperature fluctuates often then there is a high possibility that water line repairs are required. You should hire a professional so that they can locate the parts that are leaking and replace it or repair it. If the fluctuations in temperature happen frequently then the plumber might suggest insulating the outside of the water line so that the weather does not affect it as severely. There are also various types of insolation that can be installed around the water line to prevent it from freezing and then thawing out later. The professional might suggest that you equip frost-proof outdoor spigots and wrapping or they could recommend foam insulation and maybe even insulating pipe wraps. It is not always necessary to insulate the whole water line as only as section might be exposed to the elements but there are benefits to insulating the whole plumbing system especially if you live in an area with extremely hot summers and freezing winters. You should not attempt to install the insulation yourself as it would be rather difficult and time-consuming. You also do not have the necessary tools to successfully install insulation or know which type of insulation will be the best for your plumbing system.

Deterioration Over Time

All things have a shelf life and the components within your plumbing system are no exception. The different materials that plumbing components are made from have different lifespan lengths. Some components will deteriorate after than others and will have to be replaced sooner. The pipes will start to develop holes or leaks from which water can escape. It is best to have your water line inspected once every 10 years to see if there are any damages. You might have to get it looked at if your water bill has increased drastically. The repairs can be minor like sealing a leak or they can replace sections of the water line to avoid having to continuously repair it. Over the last few years, plumbing technology has evolved and how trenchless repairs are available. This is generally a more convenient and cheaper option since there is no need to dig a trench to access the water line. Water line repairs need to be conducted by a professional because if you use the wrong components or incorrect techniques then you are throwing a lot of time and money away to achieve nothing. They also have direct access to plumbing supplies that are made from high-quality materials so that they can withstand the test of time. You also do not have to worry about getting the right components or when they will be delivered.

Acidic Soil Conditions

The last reason for requiring water line repairs is acidic soil since some materials are more susceptible to correction than others. Copper pipes are vulnerable to rust and if the pH level of your soil is incorrect then it can cause your copper pipes to corrode even faster. This can become a costly endeavor because you will have to replace your copper pipes more frequently and copper pipes are expensive. There are two things that you can look out for to determine if your ground is acidic and damaging your pipes. The outside of the water line has corroded or there are stains on the pipes. The pH of the ground can be too high or too low and a plumber will suggest one of the following things. He might suggest switching to a different plumbing system that consists of different materials that are more compatible with the oh of your soil. He can also suggest that you insulate the outside of your water line as this will create a protective barrier between the pipe and the soil. The final recommendation that your plumber can make is to replace the whole plumbing system and plant different plants nearby that will be after the pH level. You can choose which suggestion will work best for you so that you are not further inconvenienced by the water line repairs. You should allow your plumber to install the components for you but you are more than welcome to plant your own plants that will balance out the pH level.

These are the main reasons that damage your water line and require water line repairs. Some of these problems might not be visible until you see an impressive spike in your water bill. Other problems might have easy solutions or more complicated ones. It is always best to leave the water line repairs to professional plumbers as they have the skills and experience to do it properly. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington, TX provides excellent water line repairs as well as a wide variety of other plumbing solutions. It is best to hire a comprehensive plumber that can resolve any plumbing problems you have rather than trying to find a new service provider when an unexpected fault appears.

If you think you are in need of water line repairs then conduct Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington, TX, and book your appointment today.