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Maintenance Checklist for Plumbing in Arlington, TX

Maintenance Checklist for Plumbing in Arlington, TX

Plumbing issues don’t just come all of a sudden. Many of the major plumbing issues that we experience in our homes are the result of a series of neglect on our part. How many homeowners could really say that they have taken great care of their plumbing and have had a keen eye on all discrepancies? We even don’t address a leaking faucet until the leak grows literally into a shower. So, there is no denying the fact that we neglect all plumbing jobs in our home on a regular basis.

The biggest benefit of regularly checking on and maintaining your plumbing in Arlington, TX is that it keeps you safe from the hassles of suffering from a major emergency later on. Maintaining your plumbing in Arlington, TX takes little time with the help of a professional plumber and can give you plenty of benefits to enjoy. So, we would like to cut right to the chase and present a list of some of the things that should be on your checklist while running a maintenance job on your plumbing in Arlington, TX.

To make things easier for you, we have distributed all the checklists based on heads that you could easily interpret and relate to.


Your bathroom is an imperative part of your plumbing in Arlington, TX. Thus, you need to check on it while running a maintenance job that is worth the effort and money invested in. So, ensure that your plumber checks on the following things in the bathroom while running a basic plumbing maintenance.

  • Address and fix all leaking showers and faucets. As we mentioned above, even the smallest leak in the faucet can worsen over time. The amount of water that is leaking out of your faucet may seem insignificant or ignorable to you at first, but considering that the leak is going on for 24 hours and 7 days of the week, you could be taking a severe hit to your water costs. The gallons of water that are wasted through a leak do not only boost your water bills but also show how insensitive you are to the problems of water scarcity across the world.
  • Clear slow drains. Once you are done addressing all the faucets, point out all the slow drains to the plumber. The most common reason behind slow drains can be the accumulation of debris that worsens over time to slow down the drains. A professional plumber will not take a lot of time to clear all the debris and make your plumbing in Arlington, TX as good as new. It is good to have a drain check every once in a while to clear the debris and to keep the drain in perfect condition.
  • Fix running toilets. The working part or the powerhouse of your toilet can start deteriorating over time and may soon present a pity picture of its past glory. The major problem experienced in toilets is that in the running parts, when you hear water running through even when the toilet is not being flushed. This may look like a small issue, but the amount of water being wasted through a running toilet can really make your bills shoot upwards. The repair that is needed in your plumbing in Arlington, TX due to a running toilet is often inexpensive and may not even take a lot of time if you have handed over the task to an experienced plumber.


We now move on to second most important part of your home’s plumbing in Arlington, TX; the Kitchen. Here are a few maintenance checklists that you should have in mind before going on to your kitchen for checking its plumbing.

  • Check the kitchen’s sink for leaks. The kitchen sink is extensively used by almost every member living in the home. Due to its extensive use, the kitchen can suffer from numerous leaks that can hamper its performance. Leaks can occur at numerous points within the sink, so it is best that you have all the items checked to tick this item off the list. Have your plumber inspect the top and bottom of the sink carefully and see if there are any active leaks or water damage.
  • Garbage disposal leaks. The garbage disposal is often host to numerous leaks that can plague your home’s structure with water damage. Have your plumber check the garbage disposal to see if there is an accumulation of water anywhere or whether the disposal is developing any leaks. You can also see the manufacturer’s manual to maintain your unit properly.
  • Clean the Kitchen Sink Drain. Now, this job is best left to the expertise of a professional plumber. There are many DIY videos on the internet that belittle the complexity of this task, but if you don’t want yourself standing in a puddle of water from the kitchen sink drain then it is best that you get the drain cleaned through a professional plumber. The plumber will help clean the drain and get your plumbing in Arlington, TX back to the original condition.

Septic and Sewer

A sewer backup is literally one of the most complex issues you can face with your plumbing in Arlington, TX. Regular maintenance along the following lines can help decrease the impact of this job.

  • Maintain the septic system. To ensure that you don’t experience problems with the septic system, it is advised that you get it inspected on a routine basis. Septic tank pumping is one part of the maintenance that requires a professional plumber who knows about plumbing in Arlington, TX.
  • Maintain your main sewer. If you are experiencing main like stoppages on a regular basis then try preventing them through maintenance. A professional plumber would know how the main line functions and would help you through the job.

Getting your plumbing in Arlington, TX can be a tough job without the help of a professional plumber. You can contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth to get in touch with professional plumbers who can handle your plumbing needs.