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Making Your Home’s Old Pipes New Again | Tips from Your Weatherford, TX Plumber

Making Your Home’s Old Pipes New Again | Tips from Your Weatherford, TX Plumber

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Even in Weatherford, TX, a good plumber is needed for different services, and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help service your plumbing needs. Whether its industrial or residential, you can count on the services of a qualified professional. From basic, routine maintenance to major plumbing makeovers, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the Weatherford, TX area has you covered.

Any plumber knows what needs to be done. Once you spot a problem, you can call the 24-hour hotline to speak to a professional as soon as possible. Anything from leaky or busted pipes, drain clogs, or slab and gas leaks can be repaired immediately by a qualified professional. And there are times when you may wish to remodel your kitchen to fix broken pipes, replace old plumbing fixtures, and redo gas and electrical lines.

So, to start, what can a kitchen plumbing makeover do? First, it can provide all new plumbing and increase the pleasure of customizing the design and layout of your kitchen to suit your tastes. What Weatherford, TX residents should keep in mind is that while kitchen remodeling can boost the value of your home, it does require careful and meticulous planning on behalf of the homeowner. Things to bear in mind are the age of your home and the age of the plumbing itself.

Residents living in older homes may want to consider re-piping their kitchen, where a plumber is hired to replace rusty or corroded pipes. With brand new piping comes an increase in your home’s overall value plus the added peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about busted pipes or slab leaks in the years to come.

But a qualified plumber can do so much more to add life to your kitchen and raise the value of your home. They can replace old faucets with brand new fixtures, run water lines for ice dispensers, and install a complete water filtration system, which gives you the added pleasure of clean, pure drinking water without the chemicals or toxins.

Like your kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most frequented areas your home will have. And much like your kitchen, if you spoil it with a makeover, it will serve you well in the years to come. Plus, it will add even more value to your home should you need another mortgage or opt to sell it.

Remodeling your bathroom requires redoing the plumbing to ensure a well-functioning and attractive bathroom for you and your guests. But only a qualified plumber can help you with this monumental project.

If you wish to upgrade your bathroom to a model that is more along the lines of the 21st, then it becomes a critical undertaking to consider the piping within your bathroom’s internal plumbing structure. Galvanized pipes which are cracked or worn through years of lime and hard water build up will need to be replaced with brand new ones, which would of course require the services of a professional. 

But perhaps even more exciting is not just the makeover of your bathroom’s piping infrastructure that a qualified, licensed plumber can provide. Benjamin Franklin’s Plumbing can also install a new bathroom sink, replace your toilet, and put in a brand new shower and bathtub.

For an even more modern appearance, a licensed professional from Benjamin Franklin’s can replace faucets and even install a shower-bathtub combination. And for your added pleasure, you may request to spruce up your accommodations by having a plumber install a spa and a whirlpool for a meditative experience. Whatever your needs are, the professional team at Benjamin Franklin’s is ready to respond.

With emergency issues, the professionals at Benjamin Franklin’s can answer your questions and so much more. There are times when major plumbing problems can accrue over time, or they can suddenly appear without warning. Take, for example, the massive lake you see growing right in your backyard, without the assistance of rainfall. This is often a symptom of a yard line water leak, which typically occurs with a pipe that is located at a site farther away from the flooded area. Usually, this results in a much higher water bill and can tear a hole in your finances, thus causing more aggravation for home and business customers.

Plus, if your backyard is the only place to park your car, it could become problematic, especially as the earth underneath turns to wet mud. This causes more wear and tear on your vehicle as you struggle to get it out of the mess and adds further damage to it that no plumber can fix.

So what can be done about a yard line water leak? Much like a normal slab leak, a professional would need to arrive fully equipped and ready to address the problem. During the assessment phase, an inspection would be needed in order to determine the origin of the problem and restore your monthly water expenses to a normal level. Plumbers will arrive with a fully equipped company van in order to begin the repair process.

As with indoor leaks, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing promises you the best in quality service that fits your budget. Once you see a damaged floor, molded carpet, or other related issue, it could be a sign of an indoor leak or possibly a slab leak, the latter of which can be easily detected early on. In fact, signs of a slab leak include running water, which can often be heard inside a wall without the use of a faucet. Like most other leaks, a slab leak is the result of a cracked or busted pipe that must be replaced as soon as possible. And with the very best in state of the art equipment, Benjamin Franklin’s can locate the busted pipe and replace it immediately.

Whatever your need is, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is here to help. Once you make an appointment, a team member will arrive at your home or business, make an assessment, and will explain in detail what needs to be done. This puts the customer in the driver’s seat and makes them fully aware of the entire process. In short, the client is included in the solution.