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Mold Growth in the Bathroom: Advice from Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Mold Growth in the Bathroom: Advice from Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

A Plumber in Fort Worth, TX will tell you that mold is a nightmare for every homeowner. Yet it is a common occurrence. Mold can grow anywhere in the house but the bathroom is the number one place where you can find mold growth.

So if you start seeing patches of mold around your bathroom you would want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Calling a professional expert plumber in Fort Worth, TX should be contacted to assist you in resolving the issue right away.

Why Mold Growth Happens

Before you proceed with removing mold from your house you need to understand why mold growth happens so mold relapse can be prevented. If your bathroom is free from mold and you would like to keep it that way, then you also need to know what causes mold so you can prevent it from happening.

Poor Ventilation

If you usually see steam and mist all over your bathroom after you shower then this means you have poor ventilation in your bathroom. What happens with this is, there will be condensation on the walls and water will seep through the wall. If this keeps happening regularly after every shower and regular presence of moisture promotes growth of mildew and mold. And you start seeing patches of mold all around your house.

Plumber in Fort Worth, TX advises that you need to install a proper functioning exhaust fan and have it running during hot showers to avoid steam buildup. Crack opening a window or the door can also help in offsetting the steam due to hot showers.

Leaking Plumbing Fixtures

Water that leaks from plumbing fixtures can also buildup inside the walls and provide the moist condition that is an ideal environment for mold to grow. You should contact professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX to resolve the leak.

Leaking plumbing fixtures are not only a reason for mold growth but also a reason for high water bills. Water crisis lurks all around the world and it is the responsibility of every individual to take measures to reduce wastage of water.

Accumulated Water Around the Washroom

Since bathroom has many water outlets and has a lot of water usage it is possible for water to accumulate in corners and on the floor, this can also cause water to seep through and cause mold to grow.

To help with this issue you can use a mop to clean any spillage of water after showers and you should also use an absorbing mat to keep the washroom dry. And do not put wet clothes and towels on the floor.

Damaged Grouting

The tiles in the bathroom have grouting between them, this prevents any gap between the tiles. With constant exposure with water the grouting gets damaged overtime and results in small gaps between the tiles. You need to call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX about every six months to replenish the grouting. If care is not taken the cracks and damage will occur on the tiles and water will move into these gaps and mold will start to develop.

Why Removing Mold Is Necessary

Mold growth is preventable if care is taken and the mentioned factors are taken care of. Extra precautions need to be taken for bathrooms as the damp and closed bathrooms are the perfect place for mold to grow.

It is important to understand why mold growth is dangerous and why it should be prevented and safely removed with the professional help from a plumber in Fort Worth, TX if the house is infested with mold.

Most Types of Molds are Toxic

There are many types of molds and most of these types are poisonous and can trigger serious allergies. Some of the common types are aspergillus which is the most commonly occurring and is notorious for causing allergies in people and pets.

Another common mold is cladosporium which is relatively less dangerous and causes sore throat and red watery eyes. The most dangerous commonly occurring mold is stachybotrysatra, commonly known as black mold, pores from black mold cause severe allergic reactions and other serious health conditions.

Long Term Exposure Results in Health Problems

Mold exposure results in allergic reactions, respiratory issues, coughing and congestions and many more health issues. Being exposed to mold for a long time can adversely affect the health, even result in chronic lifelong respiratory problems. Young children and infants are at a greater risk of developing health issues in a mold infected environment.

People who have existing issues like asthma suffer more when they are exposed to mold. If you suspect mold in your home contact a reliable plumber in Fort Worth, TX to help detect and resolve the issue.

Mold Negatively Affects Your Mood

Mold infested homes are not only bad for your respiratory health but also negatively influence the mental health of the residents. According to researchers the risk of developing depression is greater inside of moldy homes. People usually feel gloomy, cranky and dull when they live inside homes where there is mold.

Mold Is Also Bad for Your Pets

Mold does not only affect the health of the human occupants of the house, but the pets living in the house also have to suffer because of mold growth inside houses. Pets are extra sensitive to mold exposure and can develop serious health issues. In some extreme cases mold exposure can even be life threatening for pets.

Even small amount of exposure to pores from the mold can result in pets getting extremely sick. It is advisable that you immediately take your pets to the vet if the exhibit signs of diseases due to mold inside your homes. And call a plumber in Fort Worth, TXto visit your home and resolve the mold issue immediately.

The Bottom Line

Mold growth is a serious nuisance and it is important that it is immediately resolved and all the measures are taken to prevent the mold from growing inside your home. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth has one of the most capable plumber in Fort Worth, TX who are capable of expertly dealing with mold.