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Myths Regarding Drain Cleaning | Plumber in Azle, TX

Myths Regarding Drain Cleaning | Plumber in Azle, TX

Based on how most homeowners in Azle, TX view their plumbing, we can form the assumption that homeowners really don’t care about the drain they have in their home until is impacted by a severe clog that needs to be cleared before it spreads further. The drain is an important part of your plumbing system and it is advised that you take as much precaution as you can to ensure that your drain does not suffer the brunt of your neglect.

Over the period of time certain amount of debris can build up in the pipes leading the drainage out of your home. This debris accumulates over time and creates a problem that hinders your drain from flowing cleanly and without any hindrances. This calls for a drain cleaning in Azle, TX. A clogged drain can often become a bigger problem if the clog present in the drain stops the water from following outside. You would probably have an accumulation of dirty water in your sink and toilet that would give you fits of vomit. Although drain cleaning in Azle, TX is not really difficult it is advised that you get the services of a plumbing company that you can trust. Do not start cleaning your drain with limited knowledge of what you are doing as you might end up aggravating the problem rather than clearing it up. Unfortunately, this is exactly what most homeowners do. Based on few flawed DIY videos and limited knowledge of their own, homeowners embark towards cleaning their drain by themselves. Throughout this whole process of drain cleaning, homeowners foster beliefs that do not replicate the reality and are just myths. Since the results can be atrocious we thought to adorn the role of myth busters for a day and bust some of these myths that are associated with drain cleaning in Azle, TX.

Myth# 1: Drain Cleaning Product are better than Professional Plumbing Services

You must have gone through numerous television commercials that show and market a drain cleaning product that is designed for eating away all sediments of clogs and clearing the way for water to go through. Although homeowners do have a certain idea of how marketing antics in commercials should not be trusted, they often fall for this one and start believing in this myth, considering it to be true. One thing that feeds the myth is how simple these marketers portray the process drain cleaning in Azle, TX to be. Just pour down some liquid in the clogged drain, wait for a few minutes to pass and then give it a good powerful rinse and you should be all good to move on as the clog is well gone. Seems simple, right? This might just be the ideal situation but regretfully we need to bust the myth that this is not true. The liquids that you pour into these drains may dissolve some of the clog, but they also dissolve the metal pipes that you have in your drainage system. This would lead to bigger problems, which is buy you need to call experienced plumbers for drain cleaning in Azle, TX. The professional plumber will find the core fault within and would clear your drain from the clog without wasting much time.

Myth# 2: All Drains are connected

Although most experts reading this blog would argue that this really is the case with drains, they tend to be connected. But, the point we want to get across is that they are not connected the way most homeowners believe they are, which is what makes this a myth. Yes, all drains eventually lead to the same sewer, but they are separated from each other since all of them have a separate line leading to the main sewer. You can compare your plumbing to the example of the veins and arteries present in our body. A clog in one of the main arteries can eventually cause a backup in a much wider area than a clog in another less impactful spot. In the same way, if you witness a clog in your bathroom sink, it may not affect your washing machine or dishwasher, but if your main sewer line experiences a severe clog, your whole home will suffer the brunt.

Myth# 3: I can do My Own Drain Cleaning in Azle, TX

Since most homeowners lack the proper skills, equipment and the tools needed for running a successful drain cleaning in Azle, TX, it is best that you leave this task for an expert. While you can hit the plunger on a backed up toilet, anything other than that should be left for a plumber. You should even call an expert after your initial efforts in a backed up toilet. Not only would the professional be more efficient in the process, but they would also save you from over exerting yourself and wasting a lot of time on minute details.

Myth# 4: I should replace a Sewer if it Backs Up Regularly

Sewer lines are an important part of your overall plumbing and clog regularly. These lines can clog because of numerous reasons and the severity of the issue fluctuates based on the reason behind the clog. Fairly said, these lines back up regularly, which is why you should not take hasty decisions since replacing sewer lines is an expensive and lengthy process.

Myth# 5: All Plumbers do Drain Cleaning in Azle, TX

Although drain cleaning in Azle, TX is a regular job, not all plumbers accept them. Instead of adapting a general approach, Plumbers nowadays focus more on specific aspects related to the plumbing of a home. It is up to the homeowners to be judicious in their choice and only select plumbers that specialize in drain cleaning. Moreover, homeowners also need to check whether the plumber or the plumbing firm they hire for the job has the correct license. Unlicensed plumbers are not qualified for working and may wreak havoc instead of clearing the area.

For the seamless installation, maintenance or repair of the drain cleaning in your home in and around Azle, Texas, be sure to reach out to the heater experts at Benjamin Franklin plumbing services. For more information, please call 817-478-4119, today.