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Natural Gas Leaks | Gas Line Repair Arlington

Natural Gas Leaks | Gas Line Repair Arlington

Natural Gas Leaks | Gas Line Repair Arlington

For much of the nation, natural gas provides a cost effective option for cooking, heating both water and our homes. Natural gas leaks are not common, and with routine inspection and periodic maintenance they can be considered rare. Aging brass gas lines and especially fittings can crack, allowing a leak to occur. Being aware of the signs of a gas leak, and inspecting gas lines annually are in the homeowner’s best interest. When deterioration is detected, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber for gas line repair in Arlington.

To assure your safety, periodic professional inspection of the gas lines are advisable. A number of experts recommend replacing gas lines and fittings every ten years, as deterioration can occur. However, only use a gas certified professional to provide the inspection. A gas certified plumber has the equipment and the knowledge to provide an effective inspection. Furthermore, a licensed plumber has the expertise to provide the safe, effective gas line repair in Arlington that you need.

You can rely on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to provide reliable gas services, including:

  • Gas leak detection with the latest equipment sensitive to the slight of leaks
  • Gas line installation with quality pipe and fitting, and a post installation gas leak detection
  • Gas line replacement for aging or damaged gas lines and fitting with leak detection included
  • Pressure testing to ensure the proper pressure and safe operation
  • Gas line repair in Arlington for safe, effective repairs you can depend upon

Gas Safety 

Natural gas offers homeowner’s a clean-burning and affordable energy choice for gas appliances and a comfortable home. While gas leaks are relatively rare, a leak poses the hazards of fire, explosion, and suffocation. Recognizing the signs of a gas leak, and being aware of the proper actions to take is essential in assuring the safety of your family:

As natural gas is invisible, tasteless and lacks any odor, the compound Mercaptan is added to give it the classic “rotten egg smell”. The smell of gas is typically the most commonly recognized sign of a gas leak. If you smell gas, follow these simple steps to assure the safety of your family and home:

1. Do not turn on or off any lights or electronics, furthermore, do not strike a flame. Only a tiny spark is needed to ignite the gas accumulating inside your home. If you need light for visibility, use a flashlight.

2. Evacuate your home of all occupants immediately. Once you and your family are located a safe distance away, and can no longer smell gas, call the gas provider and 911. Do not use a phone near any gas leak. Use a neighbor’s phone, or call from a safe distance away from gas and its smell.

3. Do not attempt to locate or repair a gas leak. Leave this dangerous task to the professionals.

4. Call 811 before digging, or scheduling professional excavation. Workers will mark the location of utilities free. If possible, call at least 2 weeks ahead of scheduled work. When a natural gas line receives damage during outdoor work, call 911 and the gas provider immediately from a safe distance. Do not try to repair the damaged gas line yourself.

Signs of a Gas Leak

While the smell of gas is a commonly noted sign of a gas leak, there are other potential signs for both indoor and outdoor gas leaks:

  • Sound – Hissing, roaring blowing or whistling indicates escaping gas. The sound is not always audible, dependent upon the location of the leak.
  • An outdoor gas leak can result in dead or dying vegetation on or near the underground pipe or gas meter, when other plants are healthy and green. When the leak is underground, you may or may not smell gas.
  • A gas leak may blow dirt, leaves, and grass debris into the air.
  • Bubbling in saturated or flooded areas can indicate a gas leak.

If you notice any of these signs, call 911, and the gas provider. Once the provider shuts the gas off contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for gas line repair in Arlington.

Additional Home Safety

Carbon monoxide detectors on each floor of the home, and outside of all sleeping areas are an essential for homes using natural gas. Remember to test the battery frequently to ensure proper operation. Testing monthly with smoke detectors is a convenient time.

Always use a licensed and gas certified plumber for gas line installation, and gas line repair in Arlington.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s plumbers are dedicated to your safety, comfort, and satisfaction. Whether you have natural gas leaks and need gas line repair in Arlington or simply need installation, our plumbers will provide a professional quality job ensuring your safety. Give us a call for gas line repair in Arlington, or other plumbing services. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.