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New Plumbing Materials | Fort Worth

New Plumbing Materials | Fort Worth

PEX Pipe | Plumbing Fort Worth

Cross-linked polyethylene tubing, commonly called PEX, has revolutionized piping in the plumbing industry. This flexible tubing is safe for potable water, bends around obstructions and can be installed in long pipe runs using fewer fittings. Furthermore, PEX pipe is light weight, and drastically cuts down on the time it takes to install it in a new home construction, or to replace your home’s existing plumbing in Fort Worth.

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The ability of PEX to be installed in long runs means the few fittings that are required, are quickly installed with clamps, eliminating the need for soldering copper pipe, or the clean and glue process required with PVC pipe. In addition, due to its ability to be used in longer runs reducing the number of elbows, PEX provides a greater water pressure in outlets within the home.

Growing Popularity

It has been estimated that the use of PEX is growing by 40% each year. There is evidence suggesting that within the next decade PEX will be the dominant piping material used in plumbing in Fort Worth applications, and throughout the nation.

Resists Freezing

PEX offers an additional advantage over rigid plumbing. Due to its flexibility, PEX has the ability for slight expansion when freezing occurs. This doesn’t mean PEX won’t freeze, when the weather is cold enough it will freeze like any other plumbing in Fort Worth. PEXs flexibility means it may be less likely to burst as a result of freezing.

It is currently one of the most commonly used pipe plumbing materials in new home builds. Its flexibility provides a smooth installation for replumbing in tight spaces where copper or PVC would not be able to go. When you’re looking for a functional, cost effective solution to replace or replumb your home, PEX may be the option you are looking for.

PEX Pipe is Cost Effective

PEX is popular for numerous reasons, one of which is cost. PEX’s reasonable cost of materials, including the reduced number of fittings required and the fact that it is typically an installation friendly product, means PEX is a cost effective option for plumbing in Fort Worth.

PEX Pipe and Performance

From a performance standpoint, PEX pipe is more resistant to chemicals commonly found in water systems than traditional plumbing materials. PEX doesn’t corrode over time. It resists the buildup of corrosive materials and minerals that can accumulate and clog copper and other types of pipe.

Don’t Use PEX Outdoors

PEX has only two drawbacks. First, it is not suitable for outdoor plumbing applications. While it resists freeze damage indoors, it won’t hold up under extreme cold. The second drawback is that it should never be exposed to the UV rays of sunlight, which can degrade PEX and cause it to fail. For these reasons, PEX plumbing should only be used for indoor plumbing applications.

The Technology of Modern Plastic Pipes

In the past plastic plumbing earned a bad name. PEX pipe is entirely different, a material that has been perfected in its 30 year history of use, providing a product that neither corrodes nor develops the pinhole leaks that plagued early plastic piping.


PEX can be connected to existing copper or PVC water pipe systems using adapters. PEX is suitable for hot and cold water and is coded to avoid confusion, typically red is used for hot water pipe, while blue is for cold.

Insulate PEX pipe in vulnerable indoor locations can be insulated using foam wrap insulation to protect your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth from freezing.

PEX has proven itself to be reliable and almost maintenance free. If you’re currently in the process of a new home build or anticipate repiping an existing home, talk to a Benjamin Franklin plumber for an estimate of replacement of your homes existing plumbing in Fort Worth. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.