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No Need to Worry About Clogged Drains Anymore: Basics of Drain Cleaning in Crowley, TX

No Need to Worry About Clogged Drains Anymore: Basics of Drain Cleaning in Crowley, TX

Many people dread the thought of unclogging a drain, since they think of it as one herculean task. However, that is not always the case. If your sink or tub, has been draining slower than usual, then it simply means that it needs some fixing. It is common knowledge that drain cleaning in Crowley, TX is intricate and requires specialized services from time to time.

What Are Drain Cleaners?

Drain cleaners, also called drain uncloggers, are solutions that are poured into clogged drains in order to clear them. These solutions are made of special substances and chemicals in such a manner that they can dissolve human hair, waste and other food substances that cause the clogs.

Types of Drain Problems

Drain cleaning in Crowley, TX might be required at different places in your household. And these different types of drainage problems, at different places, need to be handled in their own way.

Some of the most common types of drain problems are:

Kitchen Drain Cleaning

The kitchen is the place where most households will suffer from clogging at one point in time or another. Grease, fat, detergents and soaps build up on the inner walls of the pipes, which slows down the flow of water. The build-up continues to grow until it becomes big enough to completely block the flow.

This blockage causes the water to back up or not drain at all.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning

The next most common place to get clogged is the bathroom. Tubs and showers get clogged with hair and sinks get clogged with soaps, toothpaste, and other dirt. Also, toilet drains get clogged either because of frequent usage and infrequent cleaning or due to regular flushing down of toilet paper.

Outdoor Drain Cleaning

A downpipe is mostly used on rooftops to channel all the drains from roof gutters, and connect them to the city’s municipal sewer line. These pipes if not cleaned on a regular basis can cause major concerns for the whole area and collectively for the city. These main lines usually get clogged with leaves, other waste materials, and debris.

Methods of Drain Cleaning

There are several different methods of drain cleaning in Crowley, TX that are followed by plumbing experts. Some of them are:

Household Cleaning Solutions

Some household items that can be used for drain cleaning in Crowley, TX include vinegar and lemon juice. They are extremely useful and can be used a couple of times in a month to avoid clogging and keep the pipes clean.

Baking soda, borax or salt can also be used with vinegar or lemon juice to achieve twice the results. What you can do is start sprinkling the powder of any one of the ingredients mentioned before into the clogged drain, about half a cup. Then pour either of the two liquids.

The reaction of the powder to the acidic nature of the liquids leads to a foaming action. Now, cover the drain with a piece of cloth and leave it. Let the foaming continue for about 15 to 30 minutes. Repeat this process once again and you shall have completely clean pipes.

Chemical Solutions

Drain cleaning in Crowley, TX is done by two types of drain cleaners; chemical drain cleaners and biodegradable drain cleaners.

Chemical drain cleaners are extremely effective however they need to be used carefully. These chemical drain cleaners are acid-based and usually include sulphuric acid or caustic sodium hypochlorite. The chemical cleaners with sulphuric acid are more dangerous, and any contact with the human skin can burn it right away.

Biodegradable cleaners are simply used to keep the drains clean and not dissolve the organic materials in it. A lot of plumbers while drain cleaning in Crowley, TX advise to use biodegradable ones rather than the chemical ones, as they feel that a regular use of chemicals would damage the plumbing and weaken the pipes.


If every remedy fails to work, then most of the DIY drain cleaning in Crowley, TX is done with the help of plungers. For better results, fill the tub or sink with hot water to create pressure and form a tight seal near the drain.

Plunge the drain repeatedly for five to six times to exert pressure and thrust on the clog inside the pipes. Continue doing this and you’ll notice the water going down the drain, which means that you’ve blasted your way through the clog.

Once the clog has been cleared, pour hot water through the drain for a final wash of the pipes and the grime that has built up inside.


When using different solutions and substances for drain cleaning in Crowley, TX, read the manufacturer’s instructions and pay attention to warnings. It is recommended to always cover your eyes with protective goggles and wear rubber gloves and mask on your hands and mouth.

Only use chemical substances in well-ventilated areas and make sure to keep the children and pets away. One important point to keep in mind is to never make the mistake of mixing drain cleaning solutions with other products, as it would create harmful vapors, which if inhaled, might be hazardous to health.

Further, keep in mind to never use such dangerous cleaning products if you are in a hurry. It might be possible that you drop a few drops of the solution on your skin causing it to burn. Also never use it if you extremely tired and feeling drowsy.

Drain cleaning in Crowley, TX or any place else is always recommended to be done when you are fully alert or by professionals!

The Final Word

Clogged drains are a common problem in almost all the households worldwide. There are several homeowners who face the same issue on a regular basis. Drain cleaning in Crowley, TX should therefore taken be taken as a serious issue. It should be resolved on a priority basis. Most times you can’t do it all yourself, and the help of experts is the order of the day. Professional drain cleaners can use different techniques to cut through the debris and restore proper flow in no time.

If you also live in Crowley, TX and are currently going through the same problem, need not worry! Call Benjamin Franklin right away. Their staff is trained to handle such matters in a professional way. For any further assistance call their emergency number which is available 24/7.