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Old School Values In Modern Plumbing Services From Your Local Plumber | Arlington, TX

Old School Values In Modern Plumbing Services From Your Local Plumber | Arlington, TX

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You only need one plumber for your emergencies, repairs, upgrades, and remodeling — Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, serving the Arlington, TX area with quality service. “Well done is better than well said,” remarked old Ben, and we intend to show you what he meant.

Emergency Plumbing Repair

It’s the way most people find a plumber they can trust — they call with a stopped drain, overflowing sink, or broken pipe, most likely in the middle of the night. We hope you won’t experience any of those, but most homeowners do and we’re ready, 24/7, to take your call and rush out to help. You’ll notice that, in the spirit of Frugal Franklin, our plumbers only do the work that needs doing and at a reasonable price. Once you recognize that we’re the plumber you can rely on, we know you’ll get out that old plumbing to-do list and hand it to us. Showers, faucets, leaks, slow sinks, and more, they’re all plumbing repairs we do every day and do so well.

General Plumbing Services

We do emergencies as a part of our experienced, licensed general plumbing service business. We love to see happy customers when their drains flow again, and we’re looking forward to offering them — and you — our expert plumbing skills for all the plumbing projects they may have planned for their home. We handle bathrooms, kitchens, and we love to help clients plan plumbing when they remodel these essential rooms. We also do inspections, especially of the plumbing in your basement that may show signs of wear and relief valve warnings that homeowners might not notice. We have extensive experience with older homes and can offer repiping services, upgrades, and those little repairs of things that are driving you crazy. Read on for lots of ways we can help, including adding plumbing to the outside of your Arlington, TX home.

Bathroom Plumbing

If your kids’ bathroom needs some repairs or your guest bathroom needs some updates, call us for an estimate and let’s get going. We can also update your master bathroom with a new showerhead, a modern toilet, and a beautiful new sink with a convenient and graceful faucet. Water is part of your lifestyle and our expert plumbers are here to make it flow.

Conventional Water Heaters

From leaks and anode heater replacements to full-fledged water heater disasters, we’re ready to help you handle this giant tank which typically holds 40-50 gallons of water or more. If the only problem is that showers are running cold, thank goodness! Our plumbers can upgrade your unit or, for kitchen hot water, install a local tankless electric heater under the sink.

Drain Cleaning

A slow sink, toilet, or shower drain is an opportunity to get it cleaned out and running freely before it stops running and overflows. Now is a good time for an appointment to get our plumber out there and cleaning. We’ve got a lot of tools to do the job right, so leave it to us. If you’re having multiple backups, especially in the basement, call us right away — it may be time to talk about your sewer line.

Expansion Tanks

When the release valve on your water heater’s expansion tank is making things wet, call us right away. In fact, if any release valve in your home is releasing, we can check it out for you but this one, in particular, we want to get fixed as soon as you notice it. The expansion tank keeps the pressure in your pipes down when the water heater heats up the water. If the pressure rises, it can start damaging faucets, pipes, and pipe joints throughout the house and even harm the water heater itself.

Faucet Repair & Replacement

Drip, drip, drip. When tightening the handle on your faucet doesn’t stop the drips, it’s time for us to come and do a basic procedure to fix it. We’ll usually repack the faucet and solve the problem. While we’re there, we’re glad to take a look at any other plumbing issues you’ve got, of course, and if you’re thinking about a nice modern faucet, opportunity knocks. Our plumber can install your faucet and make sure the related sink plumbing is solid at the same time.

Line Repairs & Installation

Your water line coming in is high pressure and needs to be in good shape. Your sewer or septic line going out is typically low pressure, gravity fed, but also needs to be in good shape. If you’re seeing or, in the case of the sewer, smelling something wrong, it’s time to figure out what the problem is and what it will take to repair it or install new pipe. Our plumber has great tools for finding hidden leaks on your pipes including your incoming water line, and if the sewer line is bad, we can send a camera down and come up with some pretty ingenious ways to fix many of the problems that happen in sewer. We only dig trenches as a last resort these days, you’ll be glad to hear.

Garbage Disposals

Have you gotten schooled on the do’s and don’ts of garbage disposals? There are some pretty counterintuitive issues at work like slippery potato peels can lead to malfunctions. It’s not just items like rocks, including that diamond ring, falling into the disposal that cause problems. Peach pits can damage the blades, rice can expand and block the p-trap below, but we’ll come out and take care of it. We also fix leaks from the disposal, but if you see one from the bottom, it often means it’s replacement time. Our plumbers do those too, of course. And don’t forget — don’t reach in with your fingers, no matter what!

Kitchen Plumbing

Our plumbers do the usual sink drain clearing and faucet repairs or replacements, dishwasher installs and ice maker lines for your fridge. We also are the ones to call if you’re remodeling and need new lines run or pipe and drain upgrades. We love the kitchen because water is a big part of life there, and we’ll be glad to tend to your repair and replacement needs, even that spray nozzle that you’ve been wishing you had.

Pipe Breaks

Leaks and pipe breaks can be tough to find but they’re generally easy for our plumbers to fix. We have special digital equipment that works kind of like sonar, using sound waves to locate the noise that water makes when it leaks from a pipe. If that’s in the wall or under the concrete slab of your home, you’ll be glad that we don’t have to search for it. Patching a pipe depends on the material, we will likely solder a new piece of copper pipe or cement plastic pipe, occasionally replacing a length of it. While our plumber is at your house for any kind of work, ask where your home’s water shutoff valve is, if you don’t already know. It can be a really good thing to be able to run and turn off the water when pipes break.

Sink & Tub Replacement

Our plumbers have two major goals when we replace a sink or tub: make it look good, and make the plumbing right for the new equipment. Usually, water lines or drain pipes will need a bit of adjusting to connect properly with the new sink or tub, and our plumbers are top-notch at figuring it out and making it happen. We also do showerheads and shower valves, in case yours has been bugging you with poor adjustability or you keep bumping it and scalding yourself.

Slab Leaks & Gas Leaks

As we mentioned above, our expert plumbers have locating and patching tools for water leaks under the slab, making what seems like a messy job much easier since we know where to cut into the concrete. We are also licensed to handle gas leaks, and we’ll be glad to attend to them once everyone is safe.

Sump Pumps

Your sump pump is that little device in a hole in your basement floor, most likely. Our plumbers can test your existing one, verify that it’s up to the job, and replace it if necessary. If you don’t have a sump pump, we can talk about why you might want one in Arlington, TX and do the job if you decide to. The purpose of a sump pump is to make sure groundwater doesn’t flood your basement, so it’s an awfully handy thing to have for many homeowners even if it only is needed a few times a year.

Tankless Water Heaters

As your main source of hot water or a local source for the kitchen or laundry, a tankless water heater brings water passing through it up to the right temperature so that you don’t need a 40-gallon or more reserve of hot water. Our plumbers can install and repair them and their related plumbing, and help you calculate whether they are sufficient for the demands your households place on your hot water supply.

Water Filtration Systems

Water from the city or your well can be less than what you’d like. Instead of boatloads of plastic bottles passing through your house so you can drink purified water, why not have us install a filtration or purification system? We can walk you through the options, the ways each kind is serviced, and the level of quality that you can expect, and install the one that meets your needs.

Well Repairs

From the pump in the well to equipment inside your house, we can diagnose and fix problems with your well system for home water or a separate one you use for landscaping. We can also help you check water quality and make sure that you’re drawing up the same type of water that you originally were.

Yard Line & Water Leaks

Are the flowers really growing better over your sewer line or septic tank? That’s a sign that something’s not right, unfortunately. The same goes for your water line, which may be watering the flowers from below. We can use our technologies and experience to locate the leak and any important cause such as tree roots, and explore possible solutions using video recordings of the inside of the pipes.

Camera Inspection

Video camera inspections help us do the job that needs doing, and do it right. We can look inside pipes and see what’s blocking them including your lost ring, and explore your sewer line to see what the best way to patch, line, or replace it is. We can also help with home inspections to make sure that you know the condition of the sewer line, a critical item that can be costly to address.

Remodeling, Repiping, and Upgrades

Many homeowners call us because they need a significant amount of piping replaced or installed. We can provide the right material and capacity to handle a new kitchen or addition with additional water flow. Our plumbers can also remove and replace pipe which is no longer considered right for homes, from older and brittle PVC pipe to lead piping which can harm your health and your childrens’. If you’re having a significant number of leaks and blockages, let’s talk about replacing your pipes simply to reduce the damage the leaks are causing and simplify your drain lines so blockages are less likely to occur.

Water Features, Outdoor Spigots, Sprinklers, and the Like

If you want access to water for landscaping, fountains, pools, or other outdoor activities and features, we can also provide them, ready for year-round use.

Put Our Number In Your Speed Dial and Keep In Touch

Call us in a panic, or schedule an appointment to get your plumbing work done — either way, we’re here for you. We’re Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, serving Arlington, TX and beyond. Our number is covered 24/7 for emergencies, and we’re glad to hear from you at 817-478-4119.