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On Demand Hot Water Heaters | Tankless Water Heaters Arlington

On Demand Hot Water Heaters | Tankless Water Heaters Arlington

On Demand Hot Water Heaters | Tankless Water Heaters Arlington

In the quest for greater energy efficiency, the purchase of tankless water heaters, also called on demand hot water heaters, has grown by several hundred percent among the larger manufacturers each year. The tankless water heater is designed to produce hot water only when needed, rather than maintaining hot water in a tank as a conventional water heater does. Instead, water is heated as it passes through the tankless unit on its way to the open tap. Without a tank of hot water to maintain, tankless water heaters in Arlington provide an efficient option for hot water. 

While the standard expected energy savings is quoted at 34%, some homeowners are able to receive as much as 50% savings on energy costs for hot water. Considering the water heater is the home’s second largest consumer of energy, saving energy with an energy efficient water heater is just plain common sense.

The compact size of the units mounts on a wall inside or outside of the home.  They take up no floor space, enabling you to use it for other purposes. When installing outside, ensure to provide freeze protection, and a model designed for outdoor installation. 

As for tankless water heaters ability to provide hot water for your home, a Benjamin Franklin plumber has the training, skills and knowledge to accurately assess your household needs, and provide you with the best water heater system available. Homeowners need to realize that ‘box store’ varieties of tankless water heaters typically lack to flow rate, and features of professionally installed units provided by your plumber.

At Benjamin Franklin, we sell quality Noritz tankless water heaters, manufactured of stainless steel and copper, Noritz tankless water heaters are designed to last.

Proper sizing is essential for your satisfaction. Homes using larger than normal amounts of hot water may need more than one tankless water heaters in Arlington to satisfy hot water needs. Noritz continues to stay ahead of the curve advancing the technology and improving the tankless experience. That is why Noritz can provide you with up to a 13.2-gallon flow rate, providing you with ample hot water for your needs.


Ventilation is essential to gas fired tankless water heaters. If the gas tankless is not properly ventilated, the unit will experience a reduced lifespan due to condensate entering the product. In addition, carbon monoxide poisoning is likely to occur. 

Guesswork is simply not acceptable when it comes to any equipment that burns gas, oil, wood or other fossil fuel products. The best way to ensure the expected lifespan, the proper gas pressure, and safe, proper ventilation is to hire a gas certified and licensed plumber for installation of tankless water heaters in Arlington.


The tankless water heater can provide the piping hot water you need in more than your home. The unit is also an ideal solution for the following locations:

  • Any location where long pipe runs would otherwise be required
  • Livestock barns and kennels 
  • Outdoor kitchens 
  • Pool houses
  • Potting sheds, hobby shops and studios
  • Provides a booster for solar water heating systems
  • Remote bathrooms in the home, or outdoor Jacuzzi or hot tubs
  • Workshops, garages, commercial locations with employee lunchrooms and restrooms, clean up stations or any location where hot water is needed

Long Lifespan

With routine maintenance, your tankless water heaters in Arlington will outlast conventional water heaters by two to three times the lifespan of a conventional water heater, one of the most popular features for the tankless model. When properly maintained the tankless can have a life expectancy of approximately 20 years. Call a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington to schedule annual maintenance.

Benjamin Franklin’s experienced plumbers can provide the professional installation that you need for tankless water heaters in Arlington. Our plumbers will remove the existing water heater, provide a professional installation and clean up when the job is done. We service all types of water heaters. Whether you need water heater repair, replacement, installation, or maintenance services, our professional plumbers are only a phone call away. 

Contact us for additional information regarding tankless water heaters in Arlington. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing installs nationally recognized Noritz on demand hot water heaters. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.