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Outdoor Faucets | Plumber Fort Worth

Prepare Outdoor Faucets for Winter

The early signs of fall are already beginning to show themselves, even though the temperatures remain high. Fall is always a reminder to prepare outdoor faucets for winter, and while it remains a bit early to wrap the outdoor faucets that are still in use, it is never too early to assemble the foam sleeves, faucet covers or to contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Fort Worth for the repair of leaky outdoor faucets.

Preparing outdoor faucets for freezing temperatures can not only prevent burst faucets and high water bills, it may also prevent extensive damage to your home. Water damage can extend inside the home’s walls resulting in severe damage to the home and its foundation. Ensuring the outdoor and indoor plumbing in Fort Worth is prepared for cold weather offers the best insurance against water damage to your home.

Preliminary Preparations

Early preparations include inspecting outdoor faucets for water leaks and gathering the materials you will need. Testing faucets for leaks is simple. Simply remove garden hoses and place a bucket beneath the spigot. If you observe the faucet dripping tighten it, without over tightening which can cut washers. If tightening doesn’t stop the drip, contact us today to schedule faucet repair by a plumber in Fort Worth.

It is best to go ahead and schedule repair now and beat the rush before cold weather is forecast. Frozen water expands, exerting extreme force on plumbing, more than enough to rupture a pipe or faucet, potentially causing damage to your home.

The Materials Required

Gathering the materials you will need now, rather than later, ensures you will not come up empty handed just before a freeze when last minute preparations deplete the stores supply. In addition, by identifying faucet leaks now, you have ample time to contact a Ben Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for faucet repair.

Preparing Outdoor Faucets

Before freezing weather arrives, remove garden hoses, allow the hoses to drain, and store for the winter. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare exposed pipe and outdoor faucets:

  • If outdoor faucets have a shut off valve, shut water to the valve off. Open the faucet tap to allow residual water to drain, and close the tap when complete. Otherwise, wrap all exposed outdoor pipes with foam sleeves and/or insulation. Place insulated covers over faucets and secure. If reusing last years, ensure all gaps are closed. It only requires a tiny amount of air to freeze a pipe or faucet.

In addition, talk to your Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth about installing freeze resistant faucets for outdoor use. However, if you already have existing freeze resistant faucets, we recommend draining and insulating them. If the faucets lack the proper slop, they can still freeze. Prevention is always easier than the cure. The faucets are an added layer of protection, reducing the incidence of frozen faucets.

Sprinkler System

Shut off the sprinkler system, and open the drain valve if available. Otherwise, blow compressed air through the lines to remove the water.

Don’t forget to wrap water supplies to outdoor kitchens, garages, swimming pools and hot tubs or other water supplies. Take a careful inventory to ensure none are missed.

Contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Fort Worth for faucet repair of outdoor faucets, or for other plumbing services. Our licensed plumbers possess the expertise to provide a wide range of plumbing services for your home. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.