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Outdoor Leakage Issues | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

Outdoor Leakage Issues | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

No doubt an outdoor faucet is extremely useful. Chances are that you have a sink close to the patio that you use during barbecues or maybe at the wet bar. Also, some homeowners have it attached to the home so that they can easily water their garden or wash their cars.

However, this super handy faucet can also become a trouble sometimes. As per plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, most homeowners complain about having outdoor leaks. These leaks are easy to recognize and are noticed almost immediately. When you face an outdoor faucet leakage issue, it is important to fix it instantly and without any delay.

So before you call the professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, here is the important information that you must have regarding outdoor faucets.

Repairing an Outdoor Leak

Even though fixing an outdoor leak should always be done by a professional, some homeowners prefer to take up the job as a DIY project.  They believe that they can handle the job on their own and without the assistance of a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

The only thing that is important for a homeowner to do is to figure out the main reason for the outdoor faucet leak. Do it only if you can easily figure out the main issue. If not, it is still better to leave the job to professionals. To figure out the main issue, you can check the faucet handle. If it’s loose, then you’ll detect some dripping water issue.

Another possible reason could be the worn out seal inside the fixture. This also causes water leakage and this is something that a homeowner might fail to notice in just one glance.  In case the faucet leak has escalated from a drip into a complete stream, immediately call for the assistance of professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

If you are in Fort Worth, TX there are many plumbing services out there. However,choose the one that is well-recognized and known for their quality work done.

Leaks and the Damage Caused

Oftentimes, the kitchen or bathroom sink faucet also starts leaking. This means that there is an unnecessary wastage of water as it goes down the drain. This is not only a simple waste of natural resource but may surge your water bill as well. Indeed, these small leaks are not that big of an issue. It’s the outdoor leaks that can create some real problems for your home’s interior.

As per the professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, the water that drips out may easily seep into the basement or may lead to your frozen pipes during the wintertime. This happens because not every time there is any sink basin to take care of the leaked water. It may work its way into the ground and may damage the house gradually.

However, you can prevent all this in some ways and one of the best ways is to instantly take the assistance of a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX to fix the issue.

Some of the dangers of a contiguous leak of an outdoor faucet include;

Water Wastage

The eco-friendly living might not be a priority for you but it is certainly something that must be taken fairly seriously. There are many homeowners who work really hard to save water, energy, anda wasteof natural resources, whenever they can.

This might be surprising for you but one leaky faucet in your house can easily add up to the absolutely great amount of water wastage each day. To give you an example, if a fixture drips like 40,000 drops of water per day, it can actually end up wasting the complete liter of water in just one day. With time, this wasted water may actually add up to a bigger loss. As we know, there is more to one leaky faucet. It can be a source of a serious amount of water wastage each day.


Moisture and metal not really get along well in every case. In case, you have some metal material outside and that is exposed to moisture, this can lead to a significant build-up of rust both inside and outside the metal piping.  This rust may easily build-up inside these pipes as well as plumbing line and may clog the valves of the plumbing faucet over time.

Unfortunately, rust grows quickly into a larger issue and if you don’t take care of it in a timely manner, the faucet will not only leak much faster but more frequently. The pipes will also develop weak points and cracks as the professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX suggest.

Eventually,this may lead to pipe bursting while leading to some severe water damage along with extensive repairs.


A leaky faucet in your house may easily result in the development of mold inside the house. These mod patches may not only appear unattractive but they may also be dangerous to you as well as the health of your family. If you notice dark patches staining around the faucets, a musty smell or health issues like skin irritation, allergies and difficulty in breathing, then you should know that it’s high time to call the professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to fix the leaking faucet along with mold removal experts.

The Bottom Line

A leaky faucet is a common issue faced by many homeowners. However, if you ignore the issue or don’t take timely measures, this may lead to severe damage in terms of your house’s structure. This may increase the water bill and result in water wastage.

Therefore, if you are facing the outdoor faucet leaking issue, immediately get the assistance of professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to fix the issue.

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