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Overflowing Toilet | Plumber Arlington, TX

Overflowing Toilet | Plumber Arlington, TX

No one wants an overflowing toilet to occur, and if you know how it’s not difficult to stop it. If your toilet experiences frequent clogs, following these instructions can prevent an overflow from ever happening again. If you need toilet repair, or a clogged toilet taken care of, contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Arlington, TX.

First, remember acting fast is essential in preventing an overflow. Second, when the toilet is clogged don’t flush! Remove the toilet tank lid carefully, and set it out of the way. There are actually several ways to stop the water from running in the tank. The first is to lift up on the float valve, and continue to hold it, with one hand while turning off the shut off valve located on the toilet water supply line. Sometimes the shut off valve will fail, and that is why “exercising” them at least once or twice a year is recommended. If the shut off valve fails to cut the water off, you’ll need an assistant to turn off the water at the home’s main shut off valve, while you hold the float. A Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington, TX can provide the installation of a shut-off valve for your toilets.

Furthermore, the home’s main shut off valve should be near the home’s foundation, otherwise, the water can be turned off via a lever in the water meter. In addition, pushing the flapper valve in the bottom of the toilet tank down should prevent water from entering the bowl. However, this won’t always work.

If you’re home alone and the toilet’s shut off valve fails, prop the float valve up, while turning the water off at the outside shut off valve that supplies the home. When a toilet emergency occurs, there’s a short time to intervene, before overflow occurs. Become familiar with the float valve, flapper and shut-off valve now, both beside the toilet and outdoors. Learn how to shut off valves off before a problem occurs. In the event of a water leak, shut off the water until the leak can be repaired. Have a backup plan for propping the float valve if caught with an overflow while home alone. In addition,  gently exercise the shut-off valve. When it hasn’t been used for years, it may stick. Try a little lubricant, and contact a Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington, TX for replacement if necessary.

Once the overflow has been stopped, it’s time to clear the clog. When the water in the toilet bowl is up to the rim and not draining down, use a container to dip some of the water out before trying to plunge. In addition, use a toilet plunger, and not a sink plunger. The toilet plunger has a flange to fit into the hole recessed area at the bottom of the toilet. The flange helps to ensure a tight seal, which is a requirement for effective plunging. If you don’t have one, pick one up for each bathroom.

When a clog occurs that you’re unable to clear, ensure all family members know not to use the affected toilet or flush it, until the problem is taken care of.  Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington, TX, we’ll be glad to help. In addition, when all toilets and drains are clogged at the same time, there may be a problem with the home’s sewer pipe. A Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington, TX can also take care of that problem for you. We utilize the latest state-of-the-art technology for efficient repair and diagnosis of sewer line issues and replacement. We can even replace the sewer line without destructive trenching of the lawn.

Toilet Repair

Consider toilet replacement for an aging toilet that requires constant repairs, and frequently clogs. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington, TX can repair the toilet, or provide a replacement. Toilets that are ten years old or older are not efficient by today’s standards. The typical toilet in U.S. homes consumes three to five gallons of water per flush. Today’s toilet flushes with less than two gallons, and can do so efficiently. Furthermore, dual flush toilets are a modern option with one flush for liquid waste, and another for solid waste, saving even more money on the water bill. With these facts in mind, replacement may be the best option.

When experiencing an overflowing toilet, a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Arlington, TX can clear the clog for you. Our licensed plumbers have the expertise to ensure professional plumbing service, for all your plumbing needs. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides an exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee, and prompt service by our  experienced plumbing professionals. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.