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PEX Pipe | Plumbing Fort Worth

PEX Pipe | Plumbing Fort Worth

While your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth will last a long time, eventually repiping will be required. When plumbing begins to experience frequent leaks, low water pressure and poor water quality due to corrosion, it is time to repipe. There are a number of quality solutions for repiping, and when your budget is tight, cross-linked polyethylene tubing, or PEX pipe, may provide the solution. PEX pipe is budget friendly, reliable, and not only easy to install, but easier to retrofit existing homes with new plumbing in Fort Worth.

The installation of PEX pipe is expanding by an estimated 40% each year. It is highly likely, that within the next decade PEX will be the dominant pipe material throughout the nation. PEX offers a number of advantages, and these are the reason for the popularity of PEX pipe, including:

  • Easier and faster to install than other pipe materials due to its extreme flexibility and with its ability to make 90 degree turns requires less fittings
  • The insulating properties of PEX, which result in reduced noise from water hammer and reduces heat loss as hot water flows through PEX
  • Provides resistance to freezing
  • Due to a lack of fittings, PEX improves water pressure
  • Resists the buildup of contamination
  • PEX will not rust and corrode
  • A budget friendly option for repiping your plumbing in Fort Worth
  • The attachment of fittings is by crimping, rather than glue, or soldering
  • Can be installed in long pipe reducing the number of fittings and potentials for leaks
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Can be connected to copper or PVC pipe with adapters
  • Color coded for easy identification of the pipe serving various areas of the structure, and provides a shut-off valve for each segment
  • Resistant to hard water mineral buildup, and the chemicals used in the process of water treatment
  • PEX is NSF International certified for providing clean potable water. When you are facing the need for repiping, PEX may provide the solution you require for plumbing in Fort Worth.
  • In use for 30 years with a proven history

PEX has very few disadvantages to consider when repiping your home. First, PEX is for indoor use only. This is due to its vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays that can rapidly deteriorate PEX when exposed to sunlight. In addition, although it has a higher flexibility to endure some expansion when freezing occurs, it is unable to withstand consistent outdoor freezing conditions.

Other disadvantages include PEX requires an 18-inch copper or PVC line for connection to a water heater; and it is not a recyclable material as copper is.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing licensed professional plumbers offers reliable plumbing services for your plumbing in Fort Worth, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you need repiping, and would like additional information about PEX pipe, a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth will glad to assist you. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.