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PEX Pipe | Plumbing Fort Worth

PEX Pipe | Plumbing Fort Worth

PEX Pipe | Plumbing Fort

Over time,
your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth will wear out,
and require re-piping. There are a variety of pipe materials to select from, and cross-linked
polyethylene, commonly called PEX pipe, has become
a popular selection, in part due to its reliability, easy installation, and
budget friendly status.



PEX offers
a number of advantages, a fact not lost on consumers seeking a reliable
material in line with a budget. The following are some of the advantages PEX

·      PEX secures to
fittings by crimping with a special tool, eliminating the time consuming
process for solder or glue.

·      PEX accommodates
long pipe runs, resulting in fewer fittings, and a faster installation. Fewer
fittings also eliminate potential areas to leak.

·      PEX is capable of
accommodating 90-degree bends without the use of elbows. This also reduces the
number fittings and potential leaks, while speeding the installation time.

·      PEX is approved for
potable water.

·      PEX possesses
superior flexibility, allowing for slight expansion and contraction. The water
within PEX can still freeze, although its flexibility makes it less likely to
burst than types of pipe.

·      PEX is lightweight
and easy to install.

PEX will not rust, corrode, or develop pinholes due to water

PEX reduces water hammer.

PEX is approved for hot or cold water, and is color-coded.

By using adapters, PEX can be joined with PVC or copper pipe.

·      Foam wrap
insulation can be used to insulate PEX in areas where it will be vulnerable to
freezing, such as exterior walls, or basements. 

·      PEX is resistant to
the water treatment chemicals, chlorine and chloramine.

·      PEX resists the
buildup of the minerals contained in hard water that can deteriorate and clog
other pipe materials.

·      PEX facilitates
future repair of the home’s plumbing in Fort Worth by providing a shut-off for each segment.

PEX offers a budget friendly solution for re-piping your home’s
plumbing in Fort Worth.

PEX conserves energy by reducing heat transfer through the pipe wall.

A Budget
Friendly Solution

While not a
job for the average homeowner, PEX tubing
 when compared to other pipe materials is faster and
easier to work with. With the cost of copper on the rise, PEX is a solution for
those with a budget, in need of re-piping. PEX’s flexibility, the need for less
fittings, and the ability to provide long pipe runs, adds up to a budget
friendly alternative for residential and commercial plumbing in
Fort Worth


disadvantages of PEX are few and consist of:

·      PEX is not for use
outdoors, due to its vulnerability to the sun’s UV rays, which can result in
premature deterioration.

·      PEX cannot be
connected to a water heater without the use of an
18-inch copper or PVC line, between it and the water heater.

·      PEX is not a
recyclable material.

·      As with almost any
type of pipe material, PEX may require bracing to prevent movement within the

·      PEX cannot be used
where it may contact contaminates, which can potentially contaminate the water.
For example, you would not want to spray PEX with insecticides during pest
control services.

to Provide a Durable Product

During its
30 year history PEX pipe has been perfected to
provide a product that will not corrode or develops pinhole leaks.

International certified for water purity. If you’re looking for a functional,
cost effective alternative for a new or existing home’s plumbing
in Fort Worth
, PEX may be the solution you are looking for.

 is a reliable solution for piping in your home. Whether you
are building a new home or replacing your home’s plumbing in Fort
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