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It’s All about PEX Piping | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

It’s All about PEX Piping | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Do you know that the materials that we use for pipes today were also used by the Egyptians to build their own pipe system in 2500 B.C? This is an interesting fact but this also raises two major questions for us.

  1. Has there been any advancement in the plumbing pipes industry so far?
  2. Are the materials, which were used by the Egyptians, so reliable that they are still being used today?

Well, to answer the first question, the material that was used by the old civilizations to build pipes was very basic, such as copper. However, the plumbing industry has seen a great advancement now. With that, there are different types of pipes available today to carry out plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.

 Now, to answer the second question, the materials of pipes used today including Copper are highly durable and flexible. However, due to the variety of different types available today, the choice of the pipe highly depends upon its application and usage at different locations and for different projects.

Speaking of which, these advanced plumbing pipe materials may include stainless steel pipes, galvanized pipes, Brass pipes, cast iron pipes and the most advanced, PEX piping.

The PEX plastic piping is a highly recommended material by plumbers in Fort Worth, TX for residential use. This piping is best for small applications due to its flexibility and durability. From the fast installation procedure to its minimal maintenance, a plumber in Fort Worth, TX especially chooses this material of pipes for the water distribution system inside a building.

PEX piping is a huge advancement in plumbing. Hence, to further provide you with in-depth knowledge of this particular type of piping, to answer your basic questions, and to give you some tips, let us discuss this in detail.

PEX vs. Copper

While copper is the most basic material of pipes used for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, PEX piping holds several advantages over it. PEX is relatively cheaper than copper and if you are taking up medium to large projects, then you can save a lot more with the use of PEX pipes for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. Similarly, PEX is easy and faster to install in comparison to Copper and it does not even corrode like common copper pipes.


When it comes to the cost, PEX and CPVC are almost the same. But for some reasons, PEX is the first choice of plumbers in Fort Worth, TX. For instance, PEX piping does not require glue (meaning that a plumber in Fort Worth, TX does not necessarily need to work in a well-ventilated space only), PEX is least likely to burst if it freezes than CPVC and since PEX is available in long lengths, it works best for remodeling situations.


The installation tools of PEX

The installation of PEX piping does not need special tools. A compression fitting is used to make the required connection. However, you may need to spend a bit extra on fittings since they are expensive enough to be used on large projects. Since there are a variety of PEX connection options available, the most affordable and the most recommended by the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX is the crimp rings and cinch clamps.

The use of Manifolds with PEX

Usually, you don’t need to use manifolds with PEX and PEX can easily be installed just like any other pipe. Within a home system, we usually install a manifold in an area like the utility room that is usually close to the main water line or water heater and then run a separate PEX pipe to each fixture. While this system makes use of more tubing, this is also fast and requires only two connections. That is one at the fixture end and another at the manifold.

Blue for Cold and Red for Hot

Although many types of material like Copper come in only one color, PEX piping helps you keep the hot and cold lines separate with its color distinction. The plumbers in Fort Worth, TX find it very convenient that PEX comes in different colors such as, red to be used for the hot water and blue to be used for the cold water. However, white may be used for everything and anything that you prefer.


PEX is reliable

While PEX piping is taken as a new advancement in many of the countries, PEX has been in use in some other countries for almost decades. There are thousands of homes that are equipped with PEX piping which is not only leak free but also almost 30 years old. Furthermore, the PEX piping is highly reliable. When it comes to PEX piping plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, the majority of the problems are either due to the sloppy installation or the faulty fittings instead of the problem in tubing itself.


The grades of PEX tubing

The PEX tubing comes in three grades, named PEX-A, PEX-B, and lastly, PEX-C. While all three grades are manufactured differently, PEX-A is considered to be slightly more flexible than the other grades. Plumbers suggest using any of the three grades of PEX inside homes or especially for water lines. Moreover, PEX is famous for its use in in-floor heating systems that is not only radiant but for that, you also need PEX tubing along with an oxygen barrier.


The effects of temperature on PEX tubing

Since PEX is flexible, therefore, it usually expands and contracts more than any other material, like copper. It is suggested not to stretch it tightly. Moreover, installing a loop in order to facilitate the contraction is also a good idea. This is also helpful in the case that you mess up the installation and need extra tubing, as you can get it from the loop.


Since we have now discussed different types of material, it is also important to emphasize the importance of choosing the right service provider. You may choose the best material for your project but if it is not treated properly and with expertise, it will end up in a huge replacement cost.

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