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PEX Plumbing | Arlington, TX

PEX Plumbing | Arlington, TX

PEX Tubing | Plumbing Arlington

The PEX Advantage

PEX tubing (cross-linked polyethylene tubing) is a widely used and cost effective plumbing solution for your plumbing in Arlington. PEX tubing is easy to install, costs less than traditional copper plumbing, and has proven reliability. In new home builds, it is one of the most commonly used plumbing materials. PEX provides a functional and cost effective solution for pipe replacement or new home installs of your home’s plumbing in Arlington.plumbing arlington pex pipe

PEX Benefits

PEX offers a number of benefits, including the following:

  • Fittings are secured using a special crimping tool, eliminating the need for solder or glue.
  • PEX can be installed in long pipe runs requiring fewer fittings and installs quickly in new home builds, saving time and money.
  • Provides improved water pressure since it doesn’t have the large number of elbows typically required of traditional pipe materials. PEX is capable of 90 degree turns without elbows, requiring fewer fittings. Its flexibility provides a smooth installation in tight spaces where copper or PVC would not be able to go.
  • PEX tubing is a durable, flexible and safe product for potable water, and is lead free.
  • PEX is lightweight and easy to install.
  • PEX conserves energy by reducing heat transfer.
  • PEX provides a shutoff valve at each supply line, providing convenience when plumbing repair is required.

Greater Freeze Tolerance

PEX has an additional advantage other pipe materials do not. Its flexibility allows for slight expansion in freezing conditions. When the temperature falls PEX will freeze like any other plumbing in Arlington. However, it is less likely to burst due to its flexibility. While PEX conserves energy by reducing heat loss, when located in a vulnerable location, such as an unheated basement, it should be wrapped using foam wrap insulation to prevent freezing.

Resists Chemical Corrosion

PEX pipe has increased resistance to the chemicals commonly found in water systems. PEX will not corrode over time, and resists the buildup of corrosive materials and minerals that can accumulate in other pipe materials.

PEX can be connected to existing copper or PVC pipe using adapters. It is color coded for ease of identification, typically red for hot and blue for cold water.

Cost Effective

A part of PEX’s popularity is its reasonable cost. The speed of installation reduces the cost of labor, providing a cost effective solution in residential and commercial plumbing in Arlington.


  • PEX is not suitable for outdoor plumbing applications. While PEX will resist freeze damage indoors due to its flexibility and slight expansion, it will not hold up under a hard freeze. Furthermore, PEX should not be exposed to the UV rays of sunlight, which can degrade it and cause an early failure of the PEX plumbing in Arlington. For these reasons, PEX plumbing should only be used for indoor plumbing applications.
  • PEX cannot be directly connected to a water heater. However, PEX may be connected to an 18 inch copper or PVC line that is then directly connected to the water heater.

PEX provides safe, lead free water and is NSF International certified for water purity. When you’re looking for a functional, cost effective solution for home plumbing in Arlington, PEX may be the solution for you seek.

PEX pipe is a proven performer, and is almost maintenance free. When you’re planning a new home build or to replace your home’s plumbing in Arlington, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber for an estimate. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.