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Pinhole Leaks in Copper Pipe | Plumbing Fort Worth

Pinhole Leaks in Copper Pipe | Plumbing Fort Worth

Pinhole Leaks in Copper Pipe | Plumbing Fort Worth

Copper pipe is a quality product for your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth with a long lifespan under normal circumstances. It is flexible, which facilitates its installation. In addition, copper pipe also provides the property of being biostatic, making it difficult for bacteria to grow inside it. Finally, copper can be installed outdoors, and is not affected by UV rays. However, as with any plumbing material it will eventually wear out. This is evidenced by pinhole leaks in copper pipe.Plumbing Fort Worth

Additional copper pipe advantages are:

  • Safer in natural disasters, its flexibility enables it to often withstand disasters such as earthquakes
  • Higher corrosion resistance than other metals
  • Does not release toxic gases during a fire
  • Copper is recyclable.
  • Its flexibility allows it to fit into tight spaces.
  • Does not contain chemicals
  • Solder does not contain lead
  • Resistant to freezing when located below the frost line
  • A lifespan of 50 to 75 years under normal conditions

Disadvantages of Copper

  • Copper can corrode faster in water with an acidic pH
  • More costly than PVC or PEX pipes
  • May have a metallic taste once corrosion occurs
  • It can freeze and break when installed above the frost line.

When your home’s copper plumbing in Fort Worth has reached the end of its lifespan, erosion is likely to have occurred from within, resulting in pinhole leaks. Once leaks occur, replacement is the solution for preventing further damage to your home and its foundation.

The following factors may eventually cause pipe leaks:

  • Age
  • High water pressure
  • Water chemistry
  • Pipe configuration and installation involving elbows, corners and pipe bends

How Pinhole Leaks Occur

  • Exposure to minerals and high water pressure results in accelerated degradation of copper pipe.
  • As water travels through the pipe, turbulence occurs, eroding vulnerable areas such as pipe connections, joints, right-angle pipe fittings, bends, or pipe couplings.
  • Improper installation can create ridges inside the pipe that adds to water turbulence and erosion.

Poor installation techniques, such as not reaming out the copper pipe after cutting contributes to the pipes vulnerability.


Once multiple pinhole leaks begin, the problem may occur throughout the home’s plumbing in Fort Worth. A full repipe is the ideal solution for preventing serious damage to the home, its foundation, and the development of mold.

To receive quality plumbing you can rely upon, it is essential to hire licensed and qualified plumbers in Fort Worth. When Benjamin Franklin provides the installation, our plumber’s experience, training, and skill will ensure the proper installation of copper pipe, and will provide a longer lasting product.

When re-piping is required for your home due pinhole leaks in copper pipe, our knowledgeable plumbers can answer your questions and provide a quality installation – guaranteed. For a professional grade installation of copper pipe for your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth , contact the plumbers known nationwide for their plumbing expertise. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.