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Pipe Leak | Plumbing Arlington, TX

Pipe Leak | Plumbing Arlington, TX

Every year, some unfortunate homeowner’s will have a problem with a water line or sewer pipe break or leak. When the pipe leak occurs in the home, the damage can be serious and the cost to repair can exceed the budget. In fact, not all homeowner’s insurance will even cover a leak. That is why it is worthwhile to discuss leak and flood damage involving your home’s plumbing in Arlington with your insurer.

Age is a common factor in a pipe leak. The Environmental Protection Agency states the average age for a broken water main is 47 years. However, do you know the pipe material of your home’s water supply line and sewer pipe? The type of pipe material affects its life expectancy.

For example, older homes often used clay pipe for sewer lines. As it ages the material becomes increasingly fragile. Vehicles and/or heavy equipment and large delivery trucks driving over it, are also factors that can lead to a break in the pipe. Later, galvanized steel pipe was often used for sewer pipe and water line. Eventually it corrodes, rusting away and potentially harboring bacteria in the pipe. If your home contains either of these, have it replaced as soon as possible. A Ben Franklin plumber can provide the replacement of your home’s plumbing in Arlington.

Sewer Pipe Leak – The Causes

A sewer pipe leak is an emergency. As sewer effluent leaks out of the pipe and into the ground, it can seep deep in the soil and end up in a water aquifer. In addition, it can contaminate local surface water, such as lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers and streams. The danger is due to the bacteria and viruses that sewer effluent carries, and the potential to make people ill.


Yet, it is not always possible to be aware of a sewer pipe leak. In some situations, liquid will rise to the ground, and may or may not have an odor to it. Often, the pipe seeps, and it is not until water testing shows contamination, or people become sick, that a leak is even suspected. If you know your home’s sewer pipe is constructed of clay, plan to replace it as soon as possible. A Ben Franklin plumber can provide the service you need for your home’s plumbing in Arlington.


The roots of trees and shrubs are a common cause of water line and sewer pipe leaks. The plants are opportunists, and can invade the pipes causing clogs damage to the pipe.

Corrosive Soil and Chlorine

Corrosive soil and high levels of chlorine can cause premature failure of your home’s plumbing in Arlington. Sandy soils are the least corrosive, while clay soil is the most corrosive.

Potential Signs of a Water Leak or Other Issue

It is easy to overlook the subtle signs of a water pipe or sewer leak. In waterlines, low water pressure may indicate a leak. Ask your neighbors if they are also experiencing it. If they are, it may be a municipal water system issue. However, if only your home is affected, it is more likely that the issue affects only your home. Check your home’s water meter. If the dial is spinning you definitely have a leak. Otherwise, ensure all automatic water using appliances are off, and that all family members know not to use the water. Write down the reading on the dial and recheck in an hour. If the numbers have advanced you have a leak. Our licensed plumbers can provide the repair you require for your home’s plumbing in Arlington.

Other potential signs of a water leak include musty odor, increased humidity, peeling paint or wallpaper, hot spots on the floor, discolored flooring and rotten wood to name a few.

Sewer Pipe Leak or Other Issue

The sewer pipe can experience problems of several different types. First, there is a clogged sewer pipe. This can be due to tree roots, grease or other debris. Drainage may become slow, and if not addressed can stop completely, or even back up into your home. Our plumbers can provide a video pipe inspection to determine the cause, and once identified, repair can be provided to your home’s plumbing in Arlington.

Poor drainage can also be caused by damage or shifting of the sewer pipe. Cracked and broken sewer pipe will not only leak sewer effluent, placing your community health at risk, it will eventually result in blockage and poor or no drainage. Bellied pipe can also lead to leakage and a lack of drainage. A bellied pipe occurs when the soil beneath the pipe collapses, resulting in a swag and allowing the sewer pipe to become blocked. Pipes can also separate, resulting in similar issues. Contact Ben Franklin Plumbing, we will identify the precise cause and provide the needed repair of your home’s plumbing in Arlington.

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