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Pipe Repair & Replacement | Plumber Arlington, Texas

Pipe Repair & Replacement | Plumber Arlington, Texas

Pipe Bursting | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Pipe bursting is one of today’s most popular techniques of replacing subterranean pipes. The popularity is in part due to the ability to replace the pipe without damage to the lawn or landscaping. Furthermore, when compared to the previous method of excavating, or “trenching” the pipe with heavy equipment, and its destructiveness to the lawn, pipe bursting provides a cost effective and efficient installation. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s experienced plumbers in Arlington, Texas offers professional pipe bursting for reliable pipe replacement.

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Identifying Damaged Pipe

Our plumbers in Arlington, Texas utilize the latest technology in video pipe inspection to assess the condition of subterranean sewer pipes. This state-of-the-art technology provides a real time view of the pipe’s interior condition, locates the problem, and allows for pipe bursting to be focused in the area needed without destruction or damage of the lawn. A video pipe inspection will identify root intrusion, clogs, and separated sewer pipe, offset pipe joints, deterioration due to age or broken pipe.

Signs of Sewer Pipe Issues

The need for sewer pipe replacement can cause problems that are both an inconvenience and a cause for concern. Some of the common signs of sewer pipe problems that you may note are:

  • Water pooling on the lawn, especially if accompanied by a sewage odor
  • Greener grass surrounding the sewer line than the rest of the lawn
  • Sunken areas of the lawn
  • Toilets that is difficult to flush or won’t flush at all, and drain issues throughout the home.
  • Sewer back-up

Waste water is a potential health hazard as well as a source of structural damage and requires prompt repair by Benjamin Franklin’s licensed plumbers in Arlington, Texas.

How it Works

The innovative process of pipe bursting provides trenchless technology utilizing hydraulic pumps, replacement pipes and bursting heads.

A bursting head is attached to new pipe, which travels through the existing damaged pipe. The tapered bursting head is wider at the base than the existing pipe, and fragments it as it passes through. The new pipe, physically attached to the bursting head, is smoothly led through the unoccupied space the fragmented pipe leaves behind.

The process is called trenchless technology due to the technique of using only two entry and exit points, centered on the beginning and end of the existing, damaged pipe. Pipe bursting can provide the complete replacement of damaged pipe, and is the treatment of choice where pipe repair would not resolve conditions such as advanced pipe deterioration. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas offers professional pipe bursting, backed by our 100% guarantee.

Speed and Efficiency Pipe bursting technology provides an efficient means of replacing damaged or aged pipe, taking less time for replacement and smoothly fragmenting the existing pipe, pushing it away and inserting new pipe in its place in one smooth process.

Since this process takes significantly less time, and is much cleaner than traditional trenching methods, homeowner’s can anticipate a more cost effective pipe replacement than the traditional method requiring extensive labor and use of heavy equipment and landscaping a torn up lawn.

Long-Term Results

Today’s pipe bursting methods provide a long term solution for pipe replacement and utilizes quality pipe material resistant to root intrusion, pipe cracking and aging. The process of pipe bursting provides time-tested results, and when utilized for complete replacement, provides long lasting results with durable modern pipe materials.

To learn more about the benefits of trenchless pipe bursting, to replace your home’s broken, aged or faulty pipes, contact Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas today. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides a wide range of plumbing services and serves Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. We back our repairs with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.