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Frozen Pipes and Winterizing Your Home 

Frozen pipes during the winter are not only inconvenient, they can also result in a water damage to your home and its foundation. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to schedule a plumber in Arlington for pipe repair.

Signs Your Pipes Are Freezing

A lack of water is a common sign of a frozen pipe. Familiarize yourself with the location of shut-off valves, including the main valve that supplies water to the entire home. In the event of a pipe freeze you may need to turn a valve off.

Shut down the water supply to landscaping during the winter. Otherwise, you are risking frozen pipes out doors and leaks that may not be noticed in time to prevent an exorbitant water bill.

Thawing Frozen Pipes

When you experience frozen pipes use the following instructions:

  • Shut off the water and open the affected faucet(s) to allow air to enter the pipe.
  • If the room is unheated provide heat to the room. If using an electric heater heat the room, and don’t apply direct heat to the affected pipe.
  • Don’t use an open flame to thaw a frozen pipe, as house fires or pipe damage can occur.

Water Leaks Secondary to Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can crack due to the expansion of ice. Unfortunately, the location of the freeze may not be accessible, leaving you with a leak you may not be aware of. This can result in damage to your home in the form of rotten wood, damaged drywall and flooring, mold, mildew and a damaged foundation.

After you experience a pipe freeze, it’s a good idea to contact a plumber to inspect for pipe damage. A Benjamin Franklin professional plumber in Arlington uses advanced leak detection equipment with the capability of locating even hidden leaks.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing licensed plumbers offer the expertise to handle frozen pipes and other plumbing services. The best means of avoiding frozen pipes all together is winterizing your plumbing before winter arrives.

Prepare for Winter

Seal any cracks or gaps where cold air can penetrate on the home’s exterior. Even the smallest of openings can allow a pipe to freeze. Inspect the home’s siding, brick and foundation for loss of mortar, cracks, or holes and seal. In addition, replace missing, cracked or loose window caulking, and seal around windows if gaps are present. Check the areas where utility cables, or pipes penetrate the foundation and seal with expanding foam. Remember to check window sweeps and the seals around doors and replace if cracks, distortion or damage is present. Close foundation vents, or seal if they are permanently open to prevent frozen pipes. Furthermore, these measure can potentially reduce the cost of heating. Use thermostatically controlled heat cable or tape on the home’s incoming water supply, or insulate fully. You will find the water supply where the pipe enters your home.

If you haven’t already drained and stored garden hoses, do so now, and wrap or insulate outdoor faucets. If leaks are present, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington for plumbing repair. Keep our number handy in the event your indoor or outdoor plumbing in Arlington freeze or bursts. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington will provide the leak repair you need.

When Extremely Low Temperature is in the Forecast

  • Open the cabinet doors beneath the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom sinks to allow warm air to reach the pipes.
  • Maintain an indoor temperature of at least 55 degrees, even when you are away from home, unless your home has a fire sprinkler system. In fact, if you are going to be away for an extended time, shut the water off before leaving.
  • Arrange for a friend, neighbor or family member to check on your home.

A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Arlington has the expertise to provie you with reliable first quality plumbing. When you need a professional plumber in Arlington for frozen water pipes or other plumbing services, contact our licensed plumbers for prompt, reliable service. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.