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Plumber Arlington | Sump Pump Maintenance

Plumber Arlington | Sump Pump Maintenance

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Preventing Basement Flooding

Every home is unique. Understanding the risk of your basement flooding and the nature of your home’s plumbing, sewer pipes and connections is the best means of preventing water damage to your home through basement flooding. Your Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington is the best source for identifying potential hazards and the means of preventing future flooding. The suggestions a plumber may offer can be proper grading of the soil at the home’s foundation, the installation of a backflow preventer and/or a sump pump.Plumber Arlington | Sump Pumps

Seal Cracks

Sealing cracks in basement floors and foundation walls is a simple way to help reduce basement flooding. In many basements, cracks can be effectively sealed from the inside without excavating beside the exterior foundation. In addition, seal around intrusions through the basement wall, such as around cables and plumbing.

Enhance the Gutter System

Downspouts are designed to carry water from the gutters and down the side of the house. Downspouts may direct water onto the lawn, or they may be connected to the weeping tile (a foundation drain) or sewer lateral.

Downspouts that empty onto the lawn should be fitted with extensions and splash pads that terminate at least 6 ft. from the home’s foundation. The water should terminate over permeable surfaces where it is absorbed. Downspouts should be routinely inspected and cleaned of debris if necessary.

When connected to a lateral sewer line, collective downspouts in the community can contribute significant water to the municipal sewer system. This creates the potential for overwhelming the sewer system, and resulting in backup into the basement or home. Backflow prevention devices are a solution to this potential problem. These devices should only be installed by a qualified, licensed plumber. Incorrect installation can result in damage to the basement floor and flooding. These devices do require periodic maintenance to prevent clogging. A plumber in Arlington can determine if a backflow preventer is recommended for your home.

Sewer Pipe Maintenance

Sewer pipes require periodic maintenance to prevent clogging from fats, oils and grease and other materials, which can result in sewer backup. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide sewer pipe cleaning to ensure smooth, efficient drainage.

If you are uncertain of the sewer pipe’s condition, a plumber in Arlington can provide a video pipe inspection to inspect the sewer pipe for a developing blockage, and the condition of the pipe.

Sump Pumps

A sump pump is designed to remove water from the basement or a crawlspace. The water will be transported into the sewer line, or by way of its own dedicated drain pipe, to a site safely distant from the home and its foundation. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide the professionally installed sump pump that your home needs to maintain a dry basement.

Prevent Mold and Mildew

Standing water and/or a damp basement can lead to mold and mildew, and is a health hazard. The installation of a sump pump will prevent moisture buildup, and prevent health issues related to mold and mildew.

Sump Pump Maintenance

Clean out the pit and the pump screen every few months, and especially before the rainy season begins. Test the pump for proper operation by pouring adequate water into the pit to trigger the pump to start. If the pump fails to run, ensure it is plugged in and that a circuit breaker has not tripped. If the pump still does not run, it is time to call a plumber in Arlington for sump pump repair.

Back-up Sump Pump

A battery backup sump pump will provide an additional level of protection for the basement. By using a battery backup sump pump, your basement will have continued protection when a power outage occurs, or the primary pump fails. Furthermore, should flooding overwhelm the primary sump pump, the backup can provide assistance.

To receive sump pump installation and repair or other reliable plumbing services, give us a call. For dependable plumbing repair, installation and service you can count upon, trust your home to a Benjamin Franklin professional plumber in Arlington. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.