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Plumber Arlington | Tips For Better Plumbing

Plumber Arlington | Tips For Better Plumbing

Plumbing Tips| Plumber Arlington

In the U. S. numerous homeowners use chemical drain cleaners for slow drains or clogged sewer lines. They attempt to save money by trying to clear the clog themselves. All too often, this can result in unexpected results or injury to themselves and cost them more than calling a plumber in Arlington would have in the first place. Heed the following plumbing tips to avoid unnecessary plumbing issues.

Plumber Arlington | Plumbing Tips

Far too many homeowner’s believe it’s safe to use drain cleaners, after all, they are available over the counter, correct? In fact, it’s never advisable for a homeowner to use acid in the plumbing system. Safety should always be the first consideration, and acids of any concentration are highly dangerous. Acids can burn the eyes, skin and lungs.

Drain cleaners will also ruin the plumbers tools used to clear a blockage. When you call a plumber in Arlington, always inform him of any drain cleaners used so he can take the proper precautions.

In addition, if your home uses a septic system, never use drain cleaner as it will kill the bacteria that break the waste down.

The best action a homeowner can take in drain or sewer issues is to leave the job to a licensed plumber in Arlington, rather than risking damage to the drains, yourself, the environment and the community from dangerous and toxic drain cleaners.

Don’t Just Flush It

Numerous items labeled “flushable” are not. Don’t place feminine products, wrappers or applicators in the toilet. Also on the don’t flush list are personal wipes, cosmetic remover pads, diapers, cat litter, cotton swabs or cotton balls, medications, paint, solvents or other chemicals, plastic, cardboard, wrappers or paper (other than toilet tissue), this includes paper towels. The only items that should go down the toilet are toilet paper and human waste.

Call a Plumber in Arlington

Don’t attempt to diagnose and repair a plumbing problem. Plumbers’ go through years of school and training as an apprentice before they can practice plumbing. If you or your handy man attempt to provide plumbing you may be exposing yourself to hazardous biological materials in sewage, or causing a present or future leak that can potentially involve major, and extremely costly damage to your home and/or its foundation. Trust your plumbing issues only to a licensed plumber in Arlington.

Stay Away from Toilet Tank Tablets

Don’t use deodorizing tablets in the toilet tank. The chemicals can break down the components inside the tank, causing a running toilet and an elevated water and sewer bill.

Don’t Pour Grease, Oil or Fats down the Drain

Pouring grease, oil and fats down the drain is a guaranteed clog that only a plumber in Arlington with a water jet can clear. Allow fats to cool and harden, then scrape them into the trash, and wipe out remaining residue with paper towels. Store oils and liquid grease in a tightly sealed container and dispose of in the trash or take to a recycling center.

Use Drain Screens

Drain screens will assist in preventing clogs. Empty the screens often and always empty the kitchen sink screen after washing dishes or cooking to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria.

Don’t Fill the Garbage Disposal

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions of the garbage disposal, and never fill it up before turning it on. Turn the cold water on and place small, cut up pieces of food waste one piece at a time into a continuous feed garbage disposal. When finished, allow the water to run for at least 20 seconds to flush the disposal and drain of all food particulates.

Always remember, stringy foods such as celery and corn husks, bone, cherry pits and peach seeds or similar food wastes should never be placed in the disposal. The garbage disposal was engineered to only dispose of acceptable food waste. Never place your hands into a disposal, serious injury can occur. When clearing clogs ensure the disposal is unplugged and use slender tongs or other suitable tools, but never your hand or fingers.

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