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Plumber Fort Worth | Slab Leak Repair

Plumber Fort Worth | Slab Leak Repair

Slab Leaks | Plumbing Fort Worth

A slab leak is a plumbing leak within the piping under the concrete floor of your home or business. Slab leaks may affect homes and buildings of any age, and can quickly cause devastating, as well as costly damage. When you suspect a slab leak in your plumbing in Fort Worth give us a call for prompt repair.

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A slab leak can cause damage to the foundation of home or business, and may compromise the integrity of the entire structure.

Slab Leak Symptoms

  • The sound of running water, even when no water is running
  • Hot spots on the floor
  • Cracks in walls or floor
  • Mildew or signs of water damage to carpets and floors. Linoleum will develop dark spots, wood may exhibit dark streaks, white streaks, dampness or signs of rot or other water damage
  • Water on the floor
  • Wet baseboards and lower end of walls
  • Wet areas adjoining the foundation on the building’s exterior
  • Signs of the floor sinking
  • Unusually high water bill

Slab Leak Causes

There are numerous factors that can cause a slab leak in your plumbing in Fort Worth. The following are the most common:

  • Ground Shifting is a common cause. The ground settling under a foundation causes shifts in the soil that will eventually cause breaks in under slab plumbing in Fort Worth. Earthquakes of any size can also cause the ground to move.
  • Improper Wrapping of exposed piping is another common cause of water pipe erosion. The movement of water running through the pipes causes them to move slightly. Pipes exposed due to improper wrapping exposes them to damage that eventually results in a leak of plumbing in Fort Worth.
  • Damage to a pipe during the initial installation results in weak spots that over time wear through the pipe, resulting in a leak. Damage may also be due to subsequent work after installation such as pouring the slab on top of the pipes.

Slab Leak Detection

A slab leak is a serious plumbing emergency with a great potential for costly damage. Always hire a qualified plumbing professional to ensure accurate leak detection, pinpointing of the leak, and a repair that is up to code.

Slab Leak Repair

The safety and integrity of your home or business depends on accurate leak detection and professional repair. The options for repair of a pipe are as follows:

  • Spot Repair – Opening up the slab only at the area of the leaking pipe for minimal disturbance of the slab.
  • Re-Pipe or Reroute Pipes – Replacement of the leaking pipeline. This is common with older plumbing with frequent leaks.
  • In-Place Pipe Coating – In-place repair with epoxy lining may be an option in specific cases.

If you suspect a leak don’t delay. Contact a plumber immediately to reduce the amount of damage to your home or business. Ensure that you hire a licensed plumber equipped with modern leak detection and repair technology.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth has the latest technology of leak detection equipment for the exact location of slab leaks in your homes plumbing in Fort Worth without destruction. Our experienced plumbers have the expertise to locate the leak and provide the professional water line repair in Fort Worth that is required. Our work is always 100% satisfaction guaranteed or we redo it for free.