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Plumber Forth Worth – Toilet Repair

Plumber Forth Worth – Toilet Repair

Toilet Repairs & Installations | Plumber Fort Worth

Toilet Repair

If your toilet frequently clogs, runs on its own, lacks flushing power, is loose or is in need of toilet repairs & installations, a Benjamin Franklin plumber in in Fort Worth can take care of your toilet problems with fast, efficient service. Is your toilet increasingly difficult to clean? There comes a time when toilet installation may be a better option than repair. A new toilet offers better performance and water conservation.Plumber Fort Worth | Toilet Repair


When a toilet repeatedly clogs, it is highly likely that an obstruction is located in the trap or further down in the drainage pipe. It may even indicate a problem in the sewer line. Our plumbers are experienced experts in finding the cause of a clogged toilet, and in resolving the problem restoring full flushing ability. Call a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth today for toilet repair or installation.

Running Toilets

When a toilet continues to run after flushing there can be several potential causes, and a faulty float valve is a common one. On the other hand, a toilet that runs when it hasn’t been flushed, cuts off, and later runs again, typically indicates a worn flapper valve, and can waste as much as 200 gallons of water each day. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can stop the wasted water of a running toilet.

Low Flow Toilets

Newer low-flow toilets consume a lot less water to flush, and the latest models provide the same amount of flushing power as older models. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can install an efficient new toilet that will conserve the resource of water. A dual flush toilet will provide even greater water conservation for the truly environmentally conscientious.

A Cracked Toilet

Toilets are constructed of porcelain and can develop cracks. Inspecting the toilet for cracks when you clean it can prevent water damage to the home. A cracked toilets can be a source of leaks, including leaks that are not always visible. A cracked toilet can break completely, and can result in serious damage to the home and its foundation. Don’t risk the damage to your home, call a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth today.

Toilet Options

Modern toilets offer convenient features from simple automatic seats, to motion sensor flushes and more. One such feature is the soft close toilet seat, available as a stand-alone seat you can install, or available from the factory on a number toilets. A soft-close prevents the lid from slamming closed, and eliminates the noise and the risk of a busted bowl from a dropped toilet seat.

Other options include a built in bidet/cleaning system available as a stand-alone feature, or factory installed with a new toilet. If you are in a hurry, a toilet with built in sensors will raise the lid when it senses your approach. In addition, seat warmers, touch-flush or motion sensor flush and other handy features are available. If you would like further information, call a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth today.

Toilets of the near future include next generation Smart Toilets which will monitor your health. The Intelligence Toilet II currently only monitors basic information. However, it is projected within the next decade crucial medical tests will be routinely tested through specialized medical chips testing the samples it receives right in the Japanese developed toilet. Not to be left out of the game, the Kohler Numi introduced in 2011, features a self-cleaning bidet, dryer, adjustable water temperature, and many other luxury features.

By 2024 it has been estimated we will be surrounded by smart technology that monitors our health. Clothing, appliances, and even diapers are potential developments to monitor our health. Glucose detecting contact lenses were introduced by Google in 2011, and next year in 2016 miniature artificial pancreas is scheduled to begin human trials, while some researchers began trials this year.

Technology is here to stay, and the use of toilets in detecting abnormal conditions makes perfect sense. For expert toilet repairs & installations contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. A certified and licensed plumber in Fort Worth will provide you with the expert plumbing service, and the expertise you require for a professional job each and every time. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.