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Plumber in Arlington Bathroom Remodel Tips

Plumber in Arlington Bathroom Remodel Tips

Bathroom Remodel Tips | Plumbing Arlington

Master baths continue the trend of customized luxury with personal indulgence being the star of the modern bathroom remodel. Gone are the days of a humdrum bathroom. The customized bath can be completely high end or budget minded to make your bathroom more than just functional. Whatever your dreams of a relaxing bath retreat Benjamin Franklin Plumbing would love to be a part of your bath remodel by providing its plumbing in Arlington.

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Determining your style is the first step. Search magazines, online sites, home supply stores, as well as design and style books in the library. Check out bath and plumbing showrooms and expos. If you are still uncertain consider hiring a designer to help with the ideas and pulling it all together. When you are ready, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call and allow our superior plumbers to provide your bath remodel with the plumbing in Arlington that you require.

Next, consider the type of materials you want in your relaxing new bathroom retreat. Do you want budget friendly fiberglass or luxurious marble countertops? Have you selected ceramic, stained concrete, stone, cork or wood flooring? Do you prefer ceramic, stone or glass tile walls? Perhaps you want a standalone shower glass walls to keep the space open. The possibilities are endless. With the extensive selection of materials and products available today the only limits may be your imagination and perhaps a budget. Benjamin Franklin’s licensed plumbers will provide your bath remodel with our superior services for your homes plumbing in Arlington.

The choices today are more numerous than ever before. Wood and stone from around the world is available from the common to the rare and hard to find. Have you decided to use stone? Artificial stone, even lightweight fiberglass stone is available as well as natural stone. Bath fixtures from Europe are showing up in American homes. Eco-friendly choices are more numerous each year. Perhaps you prefer All-American products, and there is no end of selections to products Made in the USA to provide beauty, class and quality for your homes plumbing in Arlington.

With green products you can save water, gas and electricity. With a good and experienced plumber or designer you can even save money. Choose from among products to relax you, or even fuel your imagination while you relax with a natural looking fireplace, or watch television within the backsplash or even rising from that luxurious spa tub. Enjoy natural a waterfall that doubles up as a shower in sight of a luxurious tropical garden viewed through a one way glass wall. It’s your dream, your getaway, live it. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s expert plumbers can provide the expertise necessary for your plumbing in Arlington and Fort Worth dreams.

Your imagination and perhaps your budget is the only thing limiting your design choices in your bathroom remodel.

Consider adding wider doorways and showers with no raised lip in the doorway and the use of stainless grab bars for handicapped family members. Increasingly popular it is simply downright good sense as it provides not only good looks and universal appeal but will accommodate people of all ages, ability and disability.

Other luxury items that are in demand are towel warmers, luxurious chandeliers over high end soaking tubs, a fireplace for warmth and relaxation, heat strips under cold ceramic or stone floors, and toilets that provide for just about anything you can imagine and features you never even considered. Benjamin Franklin plumbers can provide the necessary expertise for the installation of high end products and other plumbing in Arlington.

Don’t forget to add textiles for their noise absorption, thick luxurious rugs, and luxurious towels will absorb noise. Bathrooms are prone to mold and mildew due to their inherent nature of higher humidity. For this reason a good exhaust fan is an absolute essential. Available with heat or lights what you absolutely must have is one large enough for the areas square footage. Choose a silent fan model as well to avoid a noisy fan intruding upon the relaxing spa-like atmosphere. Your Benjamin Franklin Plumber can assist you in determining the fan size you need as well as the other elements of plumbing in Arlington that you desire.

With your bathroom remodel, remove any washer and dryer present in the bathroom. Laundry appliances are a visual detriment to any bathroom design that you are trying to create. Regardless to have attractive they are, they distract from the relaxing, luxurious spa-like atmosphere you desire.

Trust the plumbing in your remodel to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth and Arlington. Our experienced licensed plumbers will provide the superior and professional finished product you desire. Trust your dream only to a licensed plumber, and insist upon the best. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee ensuring you receive the best plumbers in the industry. Give us a call today and let us get started providing you with your dream of a bathroom remodel and superior services for your plumbing in Arlington.